How to create a team

As a general rule, tournaments organised by Wargaming are played by teams of players, who fight each other in qualification rounds to enter a group stage. After the group stage they advance to the finals, and eventually the winners fight their way through to fame and glory.

What is a team? A team is a group of players with World of Tanks accounts who group up to take part in a specific tournament.

Teams can be of various sizes, but usually consist of 7 or 14 active players and several reserve players. Every team must have a team captain. Sounds simple? That’s because it is!

For the exact size of the team needed for a specific tournament, you are advised to carefully read the tournament rules of the tournament you want to take part in.

So, let’s get down to team building!


Step 1:

Go to the Tournament Page and make sure you are logged in.


Step 2:

Select the tournament you want to join by left-clicking on its name. 


Step 3:

Read the rules of the tournament. After you have carefully read the rules you can click the “Participate” button.


Step 4:

After you have clicked the “Participate” button, you will see another button called “Create Team”. Click it!


Step 5:

Create your team. In this window you should do the following:

  • Insert a team name. Please be very careful when entering a team name, because they cannot be changed after you finish the team creation process. The team name cannot violate any rules and regulations.
  • Input the team captain’s e-mail address into the “contacts” field. Alternatively you can put in a forum link.
  • Create a team description. A team description has a character limit, so don’t go overboard with it!
  • You may also make the team “closed” by inserting a password in the “Join password” field. If you decide to do that, each team member who will want to join the team will need to insert the password to be able to become part of your team. It’s a safe way of limiting the amount of spam-participants and although it is optional, every team leader is advised to create a password for his team.
  • Press the “Create” button! That’s it! Your team is now created, but it has no members yet and requires a few additional steps to take part in the tournament.


Step 6:

After you’ve created your team, you should be redirected to a page looking like the one below with your team name visible on top. You can modify your team by pressing the “Modify Team” button on the right. Please remember that the team name cannot be modified!


Step 7:

Ok, you did something wrong, you need to modify the team! Don’t worry, it happens all the time and unless you’ve created a wrong team name, everything is fine! The team modification window will look similar to the one below.

You can modify the following fields:

  • Contacts
  • Description
  • Join password

You can also write a message to the game master (eSports team).

After you’ve modified the desired fields, please click “Save” and it’s done!


Step 8:

After you save all changes and at least one player joins your team, you will see the screen visible below.


In this screen you can use the following options:

Close Team Enrolment – this button prevents any further players from joining the team, even if they have the password.

Apply for Tournament – this button allows you to join a organised tournament. For this to be possible, there needs to be an active tournament (with open sign-ups) and the team should be full (have at least the minimum amount of players specified by the specific tournament rules).

Delete Team – in case you do not like the team, have lost all your players, etc, you can just disband the team by clicking this button.

Leave the team – this button is there so that players can leave the team without fully disbanding it. After clicking the button you will no longer be part of the team.

Assign as Captain – this button is visible next to teach team member. You can see it only if you’re the team captain and by clicking it you will lose the team captain status and hand it over to another team member.

Delete – this button will remove a team member from the team. If you want to remove a team member, be sure you’re clicking on the proper button as the list is long when you have a full team roster.

Make sure you press the "Apply for Tournament" button. If you won’t do it, the team will not enter the approval process and will not be able to take part in the tournament!




Disclaimer: Please remember that the above guide is general and may not apply to every tournament you can come across. It applies only to Wargaming tournaments and not to tournaments organised by any 3rd party.

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