Automatic Tournament System

Wargaming official tournaments all utilise the ATS (Automated Tournament System). The purpose of this system is to make joining the tournaments easy and automated. Thanks to the system, the hamsters powering our servers take the stress of setting up battles away from the eSport team.

15 minutes before the first battle of the match, all team members will receive invitations to the "special rally point". This invitation will be displayed as a popup message similar to the message visible on the screenshot. The rally point is where rooms for every match will be created. To join the special battle click on the battle’s name and that’s it!


If you know you should get the message (i.e. other team members have got it already) or you’ve accidentally closed it, please don’t panic. First click the button under the “Battle” button and select “Special Battles” from the dropdown menu. This should bring back the window to the middle of your screen.


A tournament room is similar to a company battle room. Every invited team member can join the battle roster, so team members don't need to wait for the captain to assign everyone to the team. Attention! Don't forget to press the "Ready!" button before the battle starts.


There are several differences between the company battle room and the tournament battle room. The tournament battle room looks as depicted on the screenshot below.

When the match is over the "special rally point" window will be automatically closed.



Disclaimer: Please remember that the above guide is general and may not apply to every tournament you can come across. It applies only to Wargaming tournaments and not to tournaments organised by any 3rd party.