Wargaming Store: Gear up for the Bourrasque Challenge


The spring challenge is afoot. Are you ready for the long way to the new French Tier VIII medium tank? Or do you need a bit more French flair to get in the right mood? The Wargaming Store has got you covered.

Head to the shop for up to 40% discount on our French collection, including a comfy World of Tanks T-Shirt with French colours, the Off Duty AMX T-shirt, and the KONIX K-70 MK Mechanical Keyboard with French AZERTY layout.

Gear up with great discounts until 4 March 2020!

But wait, there is more! Check out at the great Bourrasque Challenge artwork printed onto a World of Tanks Pillow or Mug. They are both created on demand and will, therefore, be delivered separately from other Wargaming Store orders.

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Roll Out!

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