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Tank Masters – A New Tank-Design Puzzle Game

So you like the tech trees from World of Tanks PC version but want to get more in-depth?

In our quest to always bring you the most up-to-date and interesting news about all tank-related matters, we've been checking out an app that does just that!

Bytex LLC proudly presents Tank Masters – a downloadable app for iOS and Android that lets you play the part of tank designer.

Open your own Construction Bureau and start building tanks from the ground up!

Tank Masters is best described as a single-player technical puzzle game. Your role is that of the project leader, instructing designers and discovering what part fits where. You start off with only a few components like blueprints, designs, and weapons, then have to use logic to combine ever-expanding individual elements into an actual tank.




All parts and people are taken from the pages of history. Learn about tank construction as you gradually unlock over 100 in-game items. With only the USSR available at first, other nations will soon follow suit. The game is currently available in English, German, Spanish, French and Italian.

Bytex LLC

Bytex LLC is a game developer that creates thought-provoking, mentally stimulating puzzle games. They have an audience of over 12 million players and seek to entertain and educate in equal measure.





Please Note: The app is available in Russian and English only.


Will you be getting on the production line, tankers?