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MGT-20 European Tour and New Dedicated Page


Do you remember our awesome gaming truck, the MGT-20? In a nutshell, this mighty military machine is an M939 series United States military truck or, more precisely, a M934 “expansible van” with an extra-long wheelbase. We’ve supercharged it with Wargaming awesomeness and by that we don’t just mean with company branding!

This beast of a vehicle sports 20 top-of-the-range Alienware PCs and Logitech peripherals with all the most recent Wargaming.net games (including World of Tanks but also World of Warships) installed and ready to play!

Now here comes the good part – this mighty gaming rig on wheels is rolling out for a tour across Europe! Wherever it goes, our community goes as well, so get ready to meet with us, have some fun, participate in contests and shoot some tanks while relaxing in the shade of the MGT-20!

How can you find out when and where to expect us?

It’s easy – just visit the dedicated page we have created for you. There you will find an interactive map showing which events we will be visiting, as well as regular recaps and photos of where we have been. Make sure you check it out regularly so as not to miss your chance to meet us and have some fun!


See you on the road, Commanders!