For the first time, the Top of the Tree special will take you along the line of Swedish medium tanks. This unique branch was added to the game almost two years ago, so it's high time to get on the way to the X UDES 15/16 .

The branch starts off light but quickly switches to the medium class at Tier IV. This is where the journey to some of the most remarkable vehicles in the game begins. While the mid-tier ranks are occupied by fairly average-looking tanks, they already start to show their potential as sneaky assault vehicles.

Good camouflage values and nice alpha strikes are the deadly assets of this branch. This is even more evident once you've fought your way to Tier VIII. The three top-tier tanks look like vehicles from the future, with their ultra-flat profile and sloped angles. They also keep a very futuristic mechanic up their sleeves. The automated hydropneumatic suspension, or air suspension, activates as soon as the speed drops under a certain threshold (10 km/h), vastly increasing the gun depression angle to 13 degrees. Every dip in the terrain turns into an opportunity to use hull-down tactics.

Take on this very unique Tech Tree branch from March 5 at 06:00 CET (UTC+1) through April 5 at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2) and take advantage of great discounts and missions all the way to the top. Don’t forget that you can also purchase an extra boost if you want to speed things up!

Missions up to Tier X

Available from March 5 at 06:00 CET (UTC+1) through April 5 at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2)

You'll have something to fight for every day for a month! This includes XP per vehicle every day, Crew XP bonuses, and other significant rewards to help you reach Tier X. You can find more information about the missions below:

  • Crew XP
  • Damaging Push
  • Push Through!
  • UDES 15/16
Crew XP


  • x2 Crew XP


  • Play a battle
  • Place among the top 7 on your team by base XP earned


  • Only in Random and Stronghold Battles
  • Only available for the vehicles featured in this special
Damaging Push


  • 6,500 XP
  • 1 Personal Reserve: +50% to Combat XP for 1 hour


  • Deal 20,000 damage over any number of battles


Push Through!


  • 20,000 XP


  • Deal 200,000 damage over any number of battles


UDES 15/16


  • Large Repair Kit
  • Large First Aid Kit
  • Automatic Fire Extinguisher
  • 1 Personal Reserve: +300% to Crew XP for 1 hour


  • Play 5 battles
  • Place among the top 10 on your team by base XP earned


  • Only in Random and Stronghold Battles
  • Repeatable
  • Only available for the X UDES 15/16

Climb the Tree Faster

Available from March 5 at 06:00 CET through March 15 at 06:00 CET (UTC+1)

If a free bonus of XP for a battle per tank of this line every day isn't enough, you can always go for an extra boost. These packages will be available as soon as the new Top of the Tree kicks off, and are here to help you climb the Tech Tree even faster.

Boost Bundles
Package Contents Two extra x5 XP bonuses for each vehicle in the line Double rewards for the "UDES 15/16" mission Made in Sweden style 6 Lion emblems Inscriptions World of Tanks Premium Account
Purchase package

The bonuses included in the bundles will not accumulate if you buy them both.

Increase your daily XP bonuses to three with bundles featuring cosmetic extras and an additional reward for heading into battle with the UDES 15/16.

Roll Out!