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Update: Hall of Fame and Player Profile

The recent World of Tanks portal update introduced some additional features to improve your experience in terms of obtaining personal ratings information and comparing players’ performances. These changes will make navigating through your statistics on the portal closer to what you may be used to in the game.


Player Profile

The first addition to this section is the “Personal Rating”. With this feature, you’re able to check your current rating without having to log in to the game:

1. Log in to your profile on the World of Tanks website


2. Check your Personal Rating

Alongside the “Personal Rating” you can now also view detailed information about your performance on your individual vehicles:


1. After logging in to your profile, scroll down to the “Vehicles” section


2. Click on the desired vehicle type to expand the list


3. Click on the chosen vehicle to view your statistics in more detail


Hall of Fame

The “Personal Rating” data has also been added to the Hall of Fame. Now you can also compare players according to their Personal Rating.


Roll out!