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June Calendar


A full batch of exciting specials and activities are ready to roll in June. Everyone will definitely find something to appeal to their taste, but this time round fans of dealing out great damage are going to love this month even more! So, get ready to encounter even more colossal machines and even meaner vehicles throughout all of June! As usual, you will continue enjoying magnificent moments on the battlefields with our dedicated specials and eSport events. Check the calendar below and mark your favourite events that you can take part in June!

June 2013 Calendar

 Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday  Saturday Sunday
           1  2
                       Tank of the Month
  Tank of the Month Discount
  Total Destruction Weekend
  Big and Heavy 1
 3  4  5  6  7 8  9
    Tank of the Month
  Tank of the Month Discount          
 Total Destruction Weekend   Mid-Week Medal Hunt       D-Day Weekend
       Big and Heavy 1
Interactive Special Round 2
 10  11  12  13  14 15  16
       Tank of the Month
     Big and Heavy 1   A penny saved is a penny earned
 D-Day Weekend    Mid-Week Medal Hunt      Big and Heavy 2
Random Draw Round 2
 17  18  19  20  21 22  23
       Tank of the Month
 A penny saved is a penny earned    Mid-Week Medal Hunt     Operation Bagration
Interactive Special Round 3
Big and Heavy 2
 24  25  26  27  28 29  30
       Tank of the Month
Big and Heavy 2  
 Operation Bagration    Mid-Week Medal Hunt     Wolf Pack Weekend
Random Draw Round 3
Tank of the Month

Churchill I and Churchill VII - This month we turn our spotlight on these two British Heavy Tanks. You will learn in detail every aspect of these heavies in our special news. The 30% extra credit gains with both of them and the excellent fire power of these tanks will make your month quite delightful!

Discounts – During a few periods of time, the tanks of the month will be discounted. Don’t miss them if you want to park them in your garage! 


Special Offers

Total Destruction WeekendWe assume that the name of the event makes the content quite clear! Yes, heavies, tank destroyers and SPG will show off and won’t hesitate to fire their guns to get the most of the bonuses that have been prepared for them!

Big and HeavyOur heavy tank focused special offers created to celebrate our 15th Anniversary continue to please veteran commanders! Perhaps, this time it is your dream machine that is on promotion, don’t miss it!

Interactive SpecialLast month we collected the votes for your favourite vehicle that you want us to place as the main character in a Special Offer! This highly welcomed event will go on to present you with a wide variety of vehicles! Don’t forget to vote!

Random DrawIn “Interactive Special” we require you to vote for your favourite vehicle, however, in “Random Draw” our community team will randomly select a tank amongst the pool of tanks appearing in the poll of “Interactive special”. Were you disappointed that your tank was not selected on the first round? Maybe the chance is with you this time!

D-Day Weekend6 June 1944, Western Allies commenced the Normandy landings. Known as D-Day, this is one of the most remarkable dates of World War History. We commemorate this historical event with discounts on various vehicles and in-game items along with many other great bonuses!

A penny saved is a penny earnedThis great advice given by veteran commanders emphasizes the importance of saving up for the rookies! In fact, not only rookies but also veterans who enjoy playing with low tier vehicles will make substantial savings during this special. Thanks to other reductions on in-game items, it looks like you will need an additional piggy bank!

Operation Bagration – After this significant operation, the Red Army was successful in pushing the Germans back out of Eastern Europe. Can you guess which vehicles will be featured and what kind of bonuses will you be enjoying?

Wolf Pack WeekendYou know very well what kind of vehicles you need to flank your enemies together with your team mates! If you like to move around in groups and enjoy seeing your foes helpless then this special event will please you a lot!



Mid-Week Medal Hunt Earn some extra experience by winning the designated medal. Each week there is a different medal to hunt, so you had better check it out every week! Show us your strengths and weaknesses.