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Fair Play Policy: First Actions Taken


We spoke to you all recently about clamping down on players who gain an advantage in combat with 3rd party software. This marked the beginning of a massive campaign to make World of Tanks a more fair and balanced experience. Today, we are stepping up in our commitment to provide you with a level playing field.

Following up on our promise to clean up the game, we’ve taken action against players who were found to be using prohibited modifications. 2 869 players were banned from the game for 7 days. Those who participated in “Top Tankers” were automatically disqualified from the event. If they continue to use illegal mods after the ban is lifted, they will be banned permanently.

Moving forward, we’ll continue ramping up our efforts to track down those who violate the Fair Play Policy and make sure they cannot spoil your enjoyment of the game. So, you can expect more ban waves in the future.

Play the game the fair way!