New Content:

New British SPG line: 
  • Tier II – Loyd Gun Carriage
  • Tier III – Birch Gun
  • Tier IV – Sexton II
  • Tier V – Bishop
  • Tier VI – Crusader 5.5-in. SP
  • Tier VII – FV304
  • Tier VIII – FV207
  • Tier IX – FV3805
  • Tier X – Conqueror Gun Carriage
New Map

 ‘Severogorsk’ is a new winter map resembling Eastern European landscape. It introduces mostly open spaces, but there are also some buildings and facilities around the map which can be used as cover.


New Vehicles

MT-25 – this Soviet tier VI light tank will replace the T-50-2.

  • If T-50-2 was researched prior the patch, the MT-25 will be researched as well
  • If T-50-2 was in the player’s garage prior the patch, it will be replaced by the MT-25
  • Crew on the T-50-2 will be automatically retrained for the MT-25 and a radioman with 100% training will be added
  • Camouflage patterns and statistics will on T-50-2 will be transferred to the MT-25
  • Experience gathered on the T-50-2 will be transferred to the MT-25
  • Experience gathered on the T-50 will be transferred to the KV-1S
  • New ammunition will not be loaded on the MT-25
  • Emblems and Inscriptions on the T-50-2 will be sold for their purchase price

E-25 – German tier VII Premium tank destroyer

Sexton I – British tier III Premium SPG



Rebalanced the T-50 tank:
  • Gun dispersion during movement and turning decreased by 4%
  • T-50 suspension resistance on all terrain types reduced by 15%
  • V-3 engine added
  • M17E engine removed
  • M-5-400F Bis engine removed
  • Tank price changed from 200,000 to 140,000
  • Max Speed reduced by 8km/h
  • Depression angle of the 37mm automatic Sh-37 gun reduced by 2 degrees
  • Reloading time of the 45mm 20K gun reduced from 2.3 to 2.1 sec
  • Ammo rack capacity for the 45mm BT-42 gun increased by 10 shells
  • Elevation angle of the 45mm BT-42 gun changed from 25 to 19 degrees
  • Depression angle of the 45 mm BT-42 gun changed from 7 to 4 degrees
  • Reloading time of the 45mm BT-42 gun reduced from 2.3 to 2.1 sec
  • 45mm BT-43 gun added
  • 57mm ZiS-8 gun removed
  • Turret turning speed of the T-50 turret changed from 45 to 48 degrees per second
VK 30.02 (D)
  • Engine Maybach HL 210 P30 replaced with engine Maybach HL 210 TRM P30

Switched off the Assault mode on the Westfield and Malinovka maps.

Added changes to the Assault mode on the map Malinovka


Fixes and Improvements

  • Reworked the maps “Highway” and “Port” for the new render
  • Reworked and adjusted some special effects
  • Fixed several destructible objects, which significantly slow down the speed of the tank
  • Fixed and improved visual models of some ambient objects
  • Fixed several issues with the match making system, which appeared after the release of the update 8.6
  • Extended the list of names and surnames of crew members of all nations
  • The voice message ‘We've got them’ replaced with ‘Armour is penetrated!’
  • Fixed the collision-models of some buildings and object.
  • Corrected errors in the descriptions of the achievement prerequisites for ‘Sniper’ and ‘Lucky’ medals.