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Read this chapter to learn about the induction criteria and the basics of the rating system.


Induction Criteria

To enter the rating, your clan must comprise
at least 15 players.






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Achievements of clans fighting on the Global Map are displayed in the rating chart:



Rating Periods

Ratings are provided for the following time periods:

  • Overall
  • 4 weeks
  • 7 days
  • 1 day

To view ratings for a certain period, click a time period in the Rating Period panel.

The dates specifying the selected rating period are displayed in the Rating Period panel.

The rating periods are bound to the current date and reset daily:


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Rating Categories

Clans are rated in the following categories:

Clan’s rating
Average Personal rating of clan members
Average number of battles fought by clan members
Total number of tier 10 vehicles
Global Map rating

Clan position in the rating chart depends on the rating category selected.

To view rating in a certain category, click a category name in the Category panel.

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Dynamics Index

The Dynamics Index shows the change to a clan position over the previous day:

 green — a rise in the rating
 red — a drop in the rating

The index displays the number of positions a clan has moved up or down in the rating chart.

The Dynamics Index is rounded off by the following rule: if the index value exceeds 10 000 (e.g. +14 323 positions), the index is rounded to the nearest hundred and displayed as +14.3 К, where К = 1 000 positions.


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