How not to get your team declined

After you’ve created a team and gathered all team members, there is a very important step to take and often forgotten by team commanders. That is why we have decided to create a separate page of the guide to highlight this issue.

Before you reach this stage you should read the “how to create a team” guide. If you’ve done everything properly, you should see your team looking similar to the screenshot below.

Once your team has a name, description, contact, a team leader, and all the necessary main and reserved players, it is still marked as “forming”.

To enroll the team, you need to press the “Apply for tournament” button. After you do that the team becomes “locked” and enters the “pending approval stage”.

If you create a team and forget to apply for the tournament, your team will not be approved and cannot enter the ATS (Automated Tournament System), which is described in another page of this guide.

If you’ve done everything right and according to the rules, after clicking the “apply for tournament” button you can calmly wait for the battles to begin!

How to join a team How not to get your team declined Automatic Tournament System