How to join a team

As we stated in the “How to create a team” guide, teams are the base unit of a tournament. Teams usually consist of between 7 and 14 players. If you’re reading this tutorial, then you probably want to participate in a tournament yourself. Follow these few simple steps and you’ll join your future teammates in no time!


Step 1:

Go to the Tournament Page and make sure you are logged in.


Step 2:

Select the tournament you want to join by left-clicking on its name. 


Step 3:

Read the rules of the tournament. After you have carefully read the rules you can click the “Participate” button.


Step 4:

You can find the team you are looking for by using the search tool located on the left. Just type in the team name and click the button.


Step 5:

When you’ve found the team you wish to join, you can check its status on the right and see who the team captain is right under the team name and description.

If this is the team you were looking for, you should click the “Join Team” button.


Step 6:

If the team has a password required for entry, a popup will appear asking you to put in the password. You should ask your team captain for it and insert it in the box. After you’ve entered the password, you should click the “Confirm” button and if everything was done properly, go to the next step of the guide.


Step 7:

After you’ve joined the team, you can click on the team name to see the details of the team. If you wish to leave a team, you can just lick the “Leave Team” button and you will be immediately booted from this team.


That’s all! We hope that now you can join your team without a problem and with a bit of luck we will see you at our next tournament!




Disclaimer: Please remember that the above guide is general and may not apply to every tournament you can come across. It applies only to Wargaming tournaments and not to tournaments organised by any 3rd party.