The T14 is a Quick American Brawler


The  V T14  project was a joint operation of the United States and Great Britain during the early stages of World War II. Both nations were looking to upgrade their primary battle vehicles, the M4 Sherman and the Churchill I. While they had proven themselves on the battlefield, the Sherman lacked armor, and the Churchill was considered too heavy and sluggish to compete with the German tank developments.

Together, the two nations designed the T14, a heavy assault vehicle that should solve both issues. Unfortunately, the development of the new concept took much longer than expected, and by 1944, only two prototypes had been constructed. One was kept in the United States for evaluation by the US military, while the other was shipped to the United Kingdom. By the time the tank had arrived for evaluation, demands of the war had shifted, and the T14 was deemed obsolete by the British. The project was ultimately canceled in favor of further improvements to already existing tanks.

Nevertheless, the concept of a heavy assault vehicle with armor and mobility can be very successful in the right hands. The well-armored lower glacis plate and good gun depression allow you to take advantage of hull-down positions. Keep the stern turret at an angle to bounce off unlucky shots when facing an opponent. And use the quick acceleration paired with 34 km/h top speed to hunt after enemy medium and light tanks while chipping away at their HP with a solid 110 alpha damage.

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Package Contents T14 100% Trained Crew Garage Slot Gold World of Tanks Premium Account x5 XP Mission +200% Crew XP for 2 hour Discount
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