[LAST CHANCE] Summer Sales 2021: Everyday a New Deal!


We hope you’re enjoying everything summer has to offer, from warm sunny weather to lots of outdoor activities. We would like to make the season even more enjoyable for you with something cool and tasty. Like ice cream, but better! Because the only things melting during the Summer Sales from July 14 through July 23 are the prices for cool Premium vehicles.

The Rules

In case you don’t know the Summer Sales rules already, you will receive one offer per day for 10 days, available for 24 hours, with another surprise to arrive the next day (at 08:00 CEST (UTC+2), to be precise). The last of these offers will be revealed on July 23 and remain available for a week, so be sure to make some space in your Garage! Most of the daily offers will be available in both the in-game Store and the Premium Shop. In the latter case, we’ll throw in some extra goodies (more on that below). Also, every day starting from July 13, there will be a mission available for everyone, allowing you to earn even more valuables!

Offer of the Day

Visit the Summer Sales every day to see a brand-new daily offer!


There are multiple ways to check on what’s happening in the Summer Sales:

  • When you enter the game for the first time each day, you will see the daily offer.
  • You can also visit the in-game Store and click on the interactive banner in the Specials tab.

  • Clicking on the calendar stand in your Garage will also take you to the Summer Sales.

Mission of the Day

Checking the offer of the day in the game client is essential because that’s where you can pick up the mission of the day. Click the “Mission of the day” button to accept it, and then complete the mission to obtain a nice helping of in-game goodies. These will help you wreck more of those newly bought, mint-condition tanks other players are cruising around the battlefield in.

Please note that missions of the day can only be accepted in the pop-up window when you enter the game for the first time each day, or via the calendar stand in your Garage at any time.

About That Extra Topping

Most of the Summer Sales offers of the day (be it the in-game Store or the Premium Shop ones) will feature a Premium vehicle with a 100% crew, a Garage slot, and x5 XP missions.

Additionally, Premium Shop bundles will offer some sweet extra content, this time including three pieces of equipment pre-installed on every vehicle and coming free of charge. The exact choice of equipment is different for each vehicle and plays to their strengths. If you would like a different setup, you can use one or more of the three Demounting Kits supplied for free with each Premium Shop daily offer bundle.



Purchasing a bundle that contains a vehicle you already own, grants you compensation:

  • When purchasing a bundle in the game:
    • Garage slot
    • Combat mission
    • The equivalent value of the vehicle in gold
  • When buying a bundle from the Premium Shop:
    • All items listed in the bundle, except for the vehicle
    • The equivalent value of the vehicle in gold

Make sure to check on the offers each day so that you don’t miss out on the tank of your midsummer night’s dream, Commanders!

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