The Offspring Customization Set Is Up for Grabs Now!

No one could forget us teaming up with the iconic California punk rockers, The Offspring, last year to create one of the coolest-looking vehicles in the history of World of Tanks. The mighty  VIII TL-1 LPC   came with a smashing "Pretty Fly" 3D style, designed as a live concert stage for the band.

We also brought to life a truly bold experiment and offered you a live concert right in the Garage. We hope you enjoyed The Offspring’s incredible show inside our game!

Time to Come Out and Play

Our collaboration was an exciting experience for both The Offspring and our team. After consulting with the band members, we decided to give each commander the opportunity to outfit their favorite tanks of any tier or nation with an explosive new 2D style, “Turn It Up!”, fully inspired by The Offspring. It features:

  • An all-season camo
  • The band's iconic skull logo
  • The Offspring brand name inscription

The style is complemented by a set of additional The Offspring-inspired customizations included in the bundle. You can get your hands on:

  • Ten cool projection decals
  • Two awesome emblems
  • Two instantly-recognizable band name inscriptions

Use these elements to adorn your tanks in a punk rock style and make them stand out in the crowd!

TL-1 LPC: Give It to me Baby

Your The Offspring collection wouldn’t be complete without the band, their original voice-over, and their “Pretty Fly” tank! Grab it now and rock out on the battlefield!


Turn It Up and Battle in Style!

The Offspring’s music overflows with good vibes and positive energy for the battlefield, and has inspired us to create not only an all-season style, but a whole set of cool thematic elements, applicable to vehicles of any tier and nation. Each element is based on The Offspring’s album artwork, as well as the band’s official symbols. Let’s take a closer look.

The camo takes its cues from artworks by famed Mexican artist José Guadalupe Posada, known for his mind-blowing paintings of skulls and skeletons which feature prominently on the band’s album covers.

Two cool The Offspring band name inscriptions proudly proclaim the kind of music you’re blasting on your headphones every day.

The skull logo and The Offspring Rockets emblem let others know you mean business on the battlefield.

Ten stand-out projection decals with The Offspring artwork will instantly bring out the rebellious side of any vehicle.

Rock out on the Battlefield!

The face-melting "Turn It Up!" 2D style and all this customization goodness are available in a special bundle. If you like what you see, get it from 01 May, 05:00 UTC through 15 May, 05:00 UTC and give your tanks a bit of a punk rock makeover!

get the bundle  

Don’t miss your chance to score this exclusive punk rock offer!