Five Reasons to Get the KV-5


One of the oldest Premium Vehicles in World of Tanks is available with a discount. Here is why the  VIII КВ-5   should be part of your tank collection:

1. It is a World of Tanks classic

It has been around for almost a decade, has survived many updates and even more battles. A veteran that earned its stripes and its place in the game.

2. It’s DPM outmatches even some medium tanks

You don’t need the highest alpha when you’re spitting out shells faster than kids spit out broccoli.

3. The insurance payout

Make sure to get an extra insurance policy for your radio operators before heading to battle. We are joking, of course. Nobody would sell insurance in World of Tanks. But there is a good chance that your radio operator will get some scratches and bruises due to the frontal weak spot, so keep that in mind.

4. It is heavy by class and weight

The KV-5 is a mountain of steel with an engine that will get you to 40 km/h. Just imagine what damage such a colossus can do when it crashes into an opponent. Actually, why imagine when you can try it out in-game!

5. Its armor and large health pool

They will ensure that you stay around for a while, and the longer you are in a battle the more XP and Credits you collect.

Make this behemoth of a tank your own with the following package and don’t forget to check out the additional offers in the Premium Shop.

KV-5 Offer

Tier VIII of the Week
  • VIII КВ-5  
  • 30 days of WoT Premium Account
  • 15 missions: x5 XP for each victory
  • +3 items
ends in:

How do the x5 XP missions work?



  • x5 XP for the battle


  • Win a battle
  • Place in the top 10 of your team by base XP earned


  • Random Battles only
  • Can only be completed with the vehicle in the bundle
    • Exception: special bundles with the main content being x5 XP missions
  • This mission is active after achieving the first victory of the day in the vehicle you want to complete it with

Other Offers

  • 15 500
  • 10 000 000
ends in:
Boss Package
  • 5 000
  • 5 000 000
  •  WoT Premium Account: 30 days
ends in:
Easy going
  • 2 000
  • 500 000
  •  WoT Premium Account: 30 days
ends in:


Roll Out!