ISU-152K & 105 leFH18B2: Put the Pressure On With Two Artful Dominators


The devastating VIII ИСУ-152К and the unrelenting V 105 leFH18B2 are masters of their game and forces to be reckoned with. Both put great emphasis on destruction and will gladly punish any vehicle unfortunate enough to fall into their sights.

Check out the Premium Shop offers below to make sure you're on the firing side of these terrific guns. And don't miss out on free Bastille Day customizations, available for a limited time!

ISU-152K, Tier VIII Soviet Tank Destroyer

  • DPM: 2,368
  • Damage: 750/750/950 HP
  • Penetration: 286/329/90 mm

105 leFH18B2, Tier V French Self-Propelled Gun

  • DPM: 2,645
  • Rate of Fire: 6.45 rounds/minute
  • Aiming Time: 5.1 s

ISU-152K Offers

Available from July 18 at 07:00 CEST through July 25 at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2)

Capable of taking down foes in a couple of hits, the menacing VIII ИСУ-152К doesn't pull punches. It has a solid 2,368 DPM, while its monumental 750/750/950 alpha damage and 286/329/90 mm penetration are both the second best in Tier VIII. Such power makes it a dangerous threat even to Tier Xs, and its decent gun handling provides plenty of opportunities. Its armor won't put up much resistance, but good camouflage and a decent 40 km/h top speed will aid with survivability.

PACKAGE CONTENTS ISU-152K 100% trained crew Garage slot Gold ×5 XP mission Personal Reserves DISCOUNT

105 leFH18B2 Offers

Available from July 18 at 07:00 CEST through July 25 at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2)

A German conversion of the B1, the V 105 leFH18B2 is a beast seldom seen, and it's making a rare appearance in the Premium Shop. Its 2,645 DPM is not only the strongest in its class and tier, but its damage output is higher than that of some Tier Xs and most Tier VIIIs. This destructive potential is a combination of a rapid rate of fire—perfect for permanently immobilizing enemies—and 410/350/350 alpha damage. It has a great 5.1 s aiming time and decent 22 deg/s traverse speed, and while it doesn't have the B1's speed, its 390 m view range is useful for countering foes that get too close.

Learn more about the 105 leFH18B2's history and the stories of other captured and converted vehicles in our dedicated article. The armies of World War II uncovered some real gems, and so can you!

Package Contents 105 leFH18B2 100% trained crew Garage slot Gold Credits WoT Premium Account Personal Reserves Discount

Bastille Day Customizations

Despite the 105 leFH18B2's German influence, it is still a French fighter at its core. Give it some extra patriotic flair and celebrate Bastille Day by adorning it with plenty of French flags and inscriptions. Get yours for free, and find out just how resilient the French were in World War II.


Will you ruin your enemy's day head-on with a devastating blow from the ISU-152K, or will you surprise them from above with a relentless barrage courtesy of the 105 leFH18B2?

Roll Out!

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