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Your Festive Atmosphere Level does not only improve the look of your garage, but also comes with a credits discount on vehicles of your choice the higher you progress

If you're not sure about the next vehicle to unlock or if you're looking for a new line to explore, this is the perfect occasion to add more tanks to your garage. To help you on your new adventures, we put together this list of easy to play, fun, competitive and overall great vehicles to check out.

  • Tier II
  • Tier III
  • Tier IV
  • Tier V


The BT-2 is a real speedster. Very agile, this light tank can also be equipped with more effective guns, turning it into an excellent active spotter and artillery hunter in the hands of daring commanders!

Cruiser Mk. III

This British vehicle comes with a high view range, extremely good gun depression, and above all, the devastating Pom-Pom gun, perfect to dispose of your enemies quickly. Keep in mind that the Cruiser Mk. III is fairly large and thin-armoured.

M2 Light Tank

Fast and eagle-eyed, the M2 Light Tank can either use a heavy machine gun with a massive magazine and incredible burst damage or a more reliable standard gun to neutralise its enemies. The armour has some favourable angles that can lead to bounces as well. Definitely an amazing all-rounder.

Pz.Kpfw. II

If you like your vehicles to be fast and made for close combat, look no further. The armour of this light tank is fairly thick and bounces quite a lot of incoming fire. Keep your enemies close and perforate them in seconds with your autocannon!

Other noteworthy Tier II vehicles

  • II Panzerjäger I  – While it may be paper-thin, its gun is extremely dangerous and accurate. Keep your enemies at a distance.
  • II Hotchkiss H35  – A quite resilient light tank, capable of taking a lot of punishment. It also features a low-calibre, yet reliable gun.
  • II T3 HMC  – The successor of the old T18, featuring a howitzer capable of destroying its enemies with one hit. You need to be close to them though, so watch out!

Cruiser Mk. II

Quite agile although not typically fast, this light tank can be equipped with a dangerous howitzer. This particular one is unlike any other, with the lowest shell velocity in the entire game – it's very fun to play nonetheless. Stay close to your targets and blow them away!

Pz.Kpfw. I Ausf. C

Its low profile makes it hard to spot and, in combination with its fantastic speed, even harder to hit. The gun is a machine gun with extremely high burst potential. On top of that, despite its size, it can actually take a hit or two. What's not to like?

Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. G

Using a 3-shot double-fire gun (so six rounds in total), the Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. G surprises its enemies with good burst damage and high penetration, enough to penetrate most targets you meet with ease.


With its exceptional camouflage and the two most important traits every destroyer needs – accuracy and penetration – this vehicle is able to take out its enemies from a safe distance.

Other noteworthy Tier III vehicles

  • III Marder II  – With two guns to choose from, this tank is a monster in long-range engagements.
  • III Т-70  – A surprisingly versatile vehicle. Bouncy armour, good speed, and a relatively powerful gun.
  • III Renault UE 57  – One of the smallest vehicles in the game, benefitting from a great camouflage value. Its armament is not bad either.
  • III Т-46  – A very strong vehicle in the right hands. Choose between a devastating howitzer or an autocannon with high burst potential.


One of the first available heavy tanks. Its armour is tought all around and can take a lot of shots while firing back very quickly. Also, the B1 only sees opponents up to Tier V.


One of the tougher vehicles, thanks to bouncy frontal armour. Unlike other tank destroyers, the Hetzer is most effective at close range, where its howitzer shines.

Pz.Kpfw. II Luchs 

This vehicle is perfect for scouting with its great mobility and view range. Plus, it boasts a 3cm autocannon, which is more dangerous than it looks. This allows you to support your teammates in need. Overall an extremely fun vehicle.


With an amazing HP pool and good all-around armour, the Matilda can hold its ground easily. If you want to take her on, good luck: the rate of fire, penetration, and shell velocity of this vehicle are scary!


A typical long-range sniper, picking targets from the comfort of its favourite cosy bush. Its defining trait is its insane damage per minute. With its overall decent mobility, this destroyer can relocate to the best cover spots in no time! 

Other noteworthy Tier IV vehicles

  • IV Т-80  – a reliable light tank that doesn't put its focus on spotting but instead supporting with its reliable weapon.
  • IV Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. D  – the German classic. A must-have with good overall performance and a strong 7.5cm gun.
  • IV SU-76G FT  – similar to the SU-85B but with much better mobility at the cost of damage per minute.
  • IV Type 5 Ke-Ho  – a support light tank with a fast-firing, yet hard-hitting gun. Stay in the second line and punish any daring opponents.


It may be a tiny tank but its gun is anything but. Good penetration and high damage ensure nobody will ever disrespect the ELC. It can be used both as a passive spotter or even a tank destroyer at times, depending on the situation.


The BDR G1 B is an interesting vehicle. What makes it stand out is its 90 mm gun, which makes it competitive even in higher-tier battles. The mobility and survivability are fair as well. Overall a reliable heavy tank with high potential.


The KV-1 is the stereotypical heavy tank. Protected by thick armour, this guy can change its combat style thanks to either an 85mm gun or a 122mm howitzer. Very forgiving and thus, beginner-friendly.


The T-50 is agile and fires as fast as it moves. Plus, it packs quite a lot of ammo and can rely on its camouflage to disappear out of sight of its adversaries. If you like sneaky attacks, this one is made for you!


More versatile with a turret, the T67 is an odd little tank destroyer, relying on its amazing speed to access the best spots of the map. Its there that an insane rate of fire, complemented by good gun depression and a high view range, can stop most enemies in no time. 

Other noteworthy Tier V vehicles

  • V Pz.Kpfw. III/IV  – one of the most versatile medium tanks in the game. It has enough speed, armour, and firepower to master many roles on the field.
  • V Archer  – apart from a very strong gun and high camouflage value, its unique trait is that it goes backwards faster than forwards.
  • V StuG III Ausf. G  – another German classic with good camouflage value and a gun that is pin-point accurate to rip your targets apart.
  • V T1 Heavy Tank  – a big and beefy heavy tank with high survivability, a good gun, and surprisingly nice mobility.

That's it for today. We hope this list of amazing vehicles will make your World of Tanks experience even more enjoyable. Share your own list of favourites with everyone on the forums!


Roll out with your new low-tier babies!

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