Get Ready for Tankfest Online on June 26


For the 11th year in a row, World of Tanks will be sponsoring Tankfest, the world's best display of historic moving armor. This will be our first full attendance at Tankfest in two years, making it a great opportunity to come meet some of our team and hang out as a community.

From Friday, June 24 through Sunday, June 26, The Tank Museum in Bovington, UK will be offering visitors an unmatched spectacle of historic tanks in motion, including live displays, epic guest armor, expert discussions, and much more! We'll be bringing you all the excitement and exclusive Tankfest Online content on Sunday, June 26 via the official English World of Tanks Twitch and YouTube channels. There will also be plenty of in-person and online goodies up for grabs, and we'll even be hosting several other activities throughout the weekend for you to enjoy.

Mark your calendars for June 26 and keep reading to find out what you can expect from the festivities, including a thrilling historical livestream, discounts and missions, and 3 days of Twitch Drops with incredible loot to be claimed.


Tankfest 2022

Tankfest Offline Event: June 24–26

Streams with Twitch Drops: June 24–26

Tankfest In-Game Special: June 24–28

Tankfest Online Historical Stream: Afternoon of June 26

Tankfest - What to Expect

  • The Tankfest Offline Event, June 24–26 – The world’s best display of historic moving armor returns for three explosive days, offering a globally unparalleled spectacle of historic tanks in action. The arena display will boast a broad selection of over 60 tanks from the 1940s to the present day, with lectures, demonstrations, and more taking place across the site. Tankfest tickets are still available.
    • Meet us there and grab real-life goodiesDwigt and Zapfhan, two of our Community Managers, and eekeeboo, Keyhand, and Iksta, our Video Content Managers, will be in attendance with a bunch of exclusive Tankfest goodies, so there's no excuse not to come along and meet us.
    • The World of Tanks Gaming Zone – Visit our gaming zone, equipped with top-of-the-line hardware provided by MSI, and play on our demo accounts with everything unlocked. When else will you have the chance to play with the best and rarest vehicles in the game?
  • The Tankfest Online Stream, June 26 – Tune in to our official English channels for an epic showcase of all the best Tankfest action. Our hosts, Richard Smith, Richard Cutland, David Willey, and David Baggley (eekeeboo), will be bringing you exclusive historical content, live action-packed demonstrations, and insight from expert historians. You'll also have the chance to earn Premium vehicles, Premium days, and 3D styles from Twitch Drops.

Other Activities

  • In-game discounts and missions, June 24–28 – Celebrate Tankfest in World of Tanks with extra XP for every first win, plus discounts and Tankfest missions full of customizations and XP!
  • 3 days of Twitch Drops, June 24–26 – Each day will offer brand-new content and a different selection of guaranteed Twitch Drops.
    • FridayThe Steel Hunter tournament is the perfect chance to watch your favorite content creators go head-to-head. Special Drops will be active for participating contestants, so make sure to cheer on your favorite!
    • SaturdayA special style showcase stream will offer plenty of fun to help you get ready for the big Tankfest Online historical stream with Drops for helpful items that every commander needs.
    • SundayThe Tankfest Online historical stream promises great action, entertainment, and amazing loot that you won't want to miss. Premium vehicles, Premium days, and 3D styles are available from Mystery Drops, with large consumables guaranteed.

There's plenty to look out for, so join us from June 24 and keep an eye on the portal over the coming week for more Tankfest details and content. Don't miss your chance to pick up two brand-new 3D styles for the VIII Tiger II and IX E 75 leading up to the big event in Bovington.

Tankfest Online 2021

Missed last year's Tankfest event? Check out the full stream below to get an idea of what's in store.

Catch the Action In-Person - Tankfest Tickets

Friday and Sunday tickets for Tankfest are still available! If you want to be right at the heart of all the unmissable action, head to The Tank Museum's website to secure your tickets for the event. Saturday tickets are sold out, but you still have the chance to experience the Friday and Sunday programs. We'll be in attendance, so keep an eye out for us and come say hello!


Stay tuned for more Tankfest content, and remember to join the Tankfest livestream throughout the afternoon of June 26!

Roll Out!

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