Global Map Season 10: The Finals


The anniversary season of the Global Map is coming to an end, and for its 10th edition, it will end with a bang: get ready for exceptional matches between the best Europeans clans!

How Does it Work?

The structure of this new tournament is pretty simple: some clans are already qualified thanks to their performance during season 10 of the Global Map. However, you still have a chance to go through the qualifier stage and play against them!

The Schedule

  • December 1 — Qualifier
  • December 2 – Group Stage
  • December 8 — Quarterfinals
  • December 9 — Semifinals and Finals

The Clans

  • 10 clans from Global Map Season 10: teams will be selected from the global map season leaderboard on the night from the 24th to 25th November 00:00 CET (UTC+1)
  • 6 clans via qualifier: follow the registration process below!


Do you feel up to the challenge? Don't waste any time in enlisting your team via the link below!


Complete rules

If you want to know more about the rules and regulations of the competition, please feel free to read them by clicking on the button below: (Please note that the rules are only available in English)


Season 10 Rewards

Important: The in-game gold is credited to the treasury of the clan. The rest of the rewards (money and hardware) are per player.
  • 1st place: 500 000 + 100 euros by Paysafecard + WoT Survival Bracelet from the WG store
  • 2nd place: 200 000 + Konix Headset Pro Gaming Headset GH-60 7.1
  • 3rd-4th place: 100 000 
  • 5th-8th place: 50 000 

Streaming Plans

As always, we're not leaving this great clash undocumented. If you want to see some stellar tank plays, then get inspired from the comfort of your own chair - our live streams will be there to keep you up to date! This event will not only be covered by our Twitch channel, but also on the channels of our lovely contributors as well the clans involved.

Don't worry, we'll come back to you with more information on the streaming hours and their platforms in due time!

Stay tuned for more, and roll out!


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