The Rise & Fall: Panther - episode 1

Join Richard “The Challenger” Cutland in our latest three-part mini series as we explore the rise and fall of one of the most famed tanks of the Second World War—the infamous Panther medium tank! Intended to counter the Soviet T-34 and replace the Panzer III and IV, at least 6,000 of this ferocious beast were made in total. 

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Looking to command your very own Panther tank on the battlefield? We've bundled the video star's cousin, the Panther 8,8, together with a month of Premium Account for you to enjoy—all chosen by the Challenger himself! Combining the great design and sloped armour of the Panther with the 88mm gun of the Tiger, this vehicle offers the best of both worlds for keen armour enthusiasts.

This offer is available from 1 September at 07:00 to 8 September at 07:00 CEST.

The Challenger's Choice: Panther 8,8




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