Fussball-Liga: How to Use your Challenger Token

Have you made your prediction for the next football match, yet? If not, you might be happy to hear that we made a change to obtaining the Challenger token. You are still able to go to the shop and purchase it, or you can complete a special Challenger missionWin 10 battles in one day and the token is automatically added to your account! Get ready for the next matchday!

Please note: it is not possible to accumulate several Challenger Tokens in the same week. If you have already received one token from the package, you will not receive an additional one from the mission and vice-versa.


Looking for gold? You can receive the Challenger Token as a gift when you get your hands on our featured offer!

The Challenger Token

With this token, you will be able to add 3 extra entries to your initial prediction, which means you will be able to win up to four sets of rewards from this specific week. Quite a way to pile up some goodies.

Even better, the predictions obtained through the Challenger Token don't have to be activated with a mission! You can place your winners as soon as you get the token.

Important: If you already did your initial prediction before receiving the Challenger Token, you will still need to activate this very same prediction with a mission. But if you get your token before any prediction, all of them will be free of activation!

Be careful though, as the Challenger Token is only valid for the current match week, from Monday through Sunday at 23:59 UTCBut you will be able to get a new one just after that. So make the best of it while you can!



May the gods of football be with you and, as always, Roll Out!