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Gold is the second major currency in World of Tanks next to credits. It is considered the Premium currency and cannot be earned by playing standard game modes. Gold is only available in Premium Shop packages, such as the fantastic offers below, or as a special reward for tournaments and other events.

It is a rare and valuable commodity, and wise commanders never just spend their fortune, but make smart decisions. Snatch one of the following packages and check out the best ways to spend your shiny new coins.

Gold Offers

Available from May 26 at 07:00 CEST through June 02 at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2)

Fort Knox
  • 12 500
  • 12 500 000
ends in:
Care Package
  • 9 550
  • 3 500 000
ends in:
  • 3 750
  • 500 000
  • WoT Premium Account: 7 days
ends in:

How to spend your gold

Purchase Premium vehicles

There are more than 200 Premium vehicles in World of Tanks, ranging from Tier II to VIII. They are exclusive vehicles that are different from standard Tech Tree vehicles in a number of ways. First of all, you are not able to research them, but they have to be acquired via the Premium Shop or for a certain amount of gold in-game.

The second important difference is the increased amount of credits, XP and Crew XP earned compared to their standard counterparts, which is a great way to speed up your Tech Tree progress or tank crew training.

Train your crew

Speaking of crew training. Gold plays a vital role if you want to roll out with a team that knows all the ins-and-outs of their vehicle. While you can change tank crew qualifications for free or for credits, it will always be at the expense of a certain amount of XP, unless you avoid the penalty with gold. A well-trained crew can have a significant impact on a battle, so it is worth making sure the men and women inside your tanks are at their peak performance.

Convert Elite XP to Free XP

Elite vehicles and Collectors’ vehicles with Elite status are similar to Premium vehicles but collect Elite XP instead of Combat XP. This special type of XP can be converted into Free XP for gold in the top right of your Garage screen, and is a great way to speed up your game progress.

Tip: Keep an eye on the portal and use a Free XP conversion special to receive a nice discount and save gold. The discount is usually 1 = 25 35.

Purchase Personal Reserves

Another way to speed up your research progress, earn more XP, or even credits in battle is Personal Reserves. They are special boosters that can be activated for a limited amount of time and greatly increase your earnings. You occasionally receive them as a reward for missions and events, and they are available directly in-game for gold.

Purchase Garage and Barracks slots

Researching new vehicles is one thing, but you also need a place to park your new ride after you've purchased it. While Premium vehicles usually come with their own slot, standard vehicles from the Tech Tree need a designated place in your Garage. There are two ways to make room in your Garage: by selling one of your beloved tanks in your collection to free up a space, or you can grow your collection and purchase a new Garage slot with gold.

Gold is also used to expand the available bunks in your barracks. If you want to keep a crew but sell the tank, or if you want to switch a crew from one tank to another, they need a space to put their belongings. The Barracks can get crowded quickly, so make sure to always have spare bunks, or a well-trained team might get dismissed for good.

Benefits of Gold



Train your crew to Tank Academy Level or retrain them without losing experience


Convert the experience gained on Elite vehicles into Free Experience and accelerate vehicle research

Purchase Premium vehicles to earn more credits and experience

Purchase Premium Account to earn 50% more credits and experience per battle along with other benefits

Convert gold into credits if you need additional credits to purchase researched vehicles or modules




Apply styles

Apply decals

Get camouflage

Get emblems

Get inscriptions

Demount equipment

Purchase Garage slots

Enlarge the Barracks

Manage crew

Purchase Personal Reserves

Modify clan data

Change your nickname



Roll Out!

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