The E 25 Is Our Special Birthday Guest


The EU birthday bash is already underway. Check out the announcement and make sure to log in and play at least one battle every day until April 20 to receive some sweet birthday gifts.

But it wouldn’t be a party without special guests, and this German Tier VII tank destroyer is as special as they get.

The VII E 25 is well known in the EU community as one of the most dangerous tank destroyers in the game. Its very low profile and outstanding concealment values make it a ghost on the battlefield that will haunt the nightmares of enemies long after they are back in the safety of their Garages.

Our special guest uses extraordinary mobility to quickly claim the best sniper positions and then waits for the perfect victim to scare with the 7,5 cm Pak 42 L/70 gun. This scalpel of a gun slices through weak spots with deadly accuracy. Even running away is a fruitless effort thanks to the lightning-fast aiming time, quick rate of fire, and high shell velocity. Their destinies were decided as soon as the E 25 accepted the invitation to the party.

E 25 Offers

Available from April 12 at 07:00 CEST through April 19 at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2)

E 25
Package Contents E 25 100% Trained Crew Garage Slot Gold World of Tanks Premium Account x5 XP Missions Personal Reserves Equipment Consumables Discount
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Wargaming Store: The Party Gear Is Here!

The EU party is in full swing and the Wargaming Store is celebrating with a sweet offer: a free SteelSeries T-shirt* is yours when you order the brand new WoT Premium asymmetric hoodie before April 14.

WoT Premium Asymmetric Hoodie

(only available in the sizes S, M, and L, and only while supplies last)

But the party doesn't stop there! We have new gear for your home gaming zone! Check out the brand-new World of Tanks candle, the Special Edition framed poster, pillow, and mug, and no gaming zone is complete without the World of Tanks Anniversary Chair.

But the real eye-catcher for your gaming zone is the 10th Anniversary: Collector's Edition Artbook—a must-have for every tank commander.

World of Tanks Candle

Special Edition Framed Poster

World of Tanks Anniversary Chair

10th Anniversary: Collector's Edition Artbook


Roll Out!

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