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UPDATED: World of Tanks 4th Anniversary: Refer a Friend Promotion

The winners of the Type 59 in the Refer a Friend lottery are Tomatenatlan and Eine_Tomate. Congratulations!


The anniversary weekend party has commenced! Put your party hat on, load confetti shells and brace yourselves for a weekend to remember! There is a huge special for you to enjoy, the Premium Shop has been restocked with some exclusive offers and our community contributors are going out of their way in preparations for some awesome streaming events.

That’s not all, however. We want as many tankers as possible to celebrate our fourth year in Europe with us. Therefore, we have also prepared a special promotion for the Refer a Friend program – invite some friends to the game this weekend and enjoy some exclusive bonuses and rewards!


Refer a Friend Promotion

Refer a Friend already gives a lot of advantages to the players who use it to recruit new friends into the game, or to bring back old friends with inactive accounts. However, between 10:00 on Saturday 11 and 23:59 CEST (UTC+2) on Sunday 12 April, using the Refer a Friend program will reward you with a lot of additional advantages!


Special Invite Code

When using Refer a Friend to invite a new player into the game, copy and paste the code below in your message! Your friend can enter it in a special box for invite codes when creating their new account.


This code will grant the Recruit the following:

  • T-15, Tier III German Premium light tank
  • 1 x Garage Slot
  • 7 days of Premium Account
  • 350


Rent an IS-6

All players who use the Refer a Friend program during the anniversary weekend will get access to a special mission. The mission is completed by simply playing 1 battle and the rewards are the following:

  • 1 day of Premium Account
  • 4 day access to IS-6, Tier VIII Soviet Premium heavy tank
  • 4 day access to an extra garage slot (to accommodate the IS-6)

Important: The mission will be activated toward the end of the week after the anniversary weekend. All players who use the Refer a Friend program in the given timeframe will receive a message on the email address associated with their Wargaming account. It will confirm that the mission has been activated on your account. The IS-6 rental clock starts ticking the moment you complete the mission’s objective of playing one battle, and the reward is delivered to your garage.


About the Rental

Here’s some additional information about the IS-6 rental:

  • Only players who use the Refer a Friend program during the anniversary weekend are eligible to access the mission.
  • The rented IS-6 displays the same statistics, performance and Premium bonuses as a normal IS-6.
  • The rented tank will have to be repaired and resupplied like any other tank in the game.
  • The IS-6 tank comes without a crew. In order to use it, you will have to either transfer tankers from another Soviet heavy tank in your possession (no retraining necessary/ no penalties involved) or recruit a new crew.
  • XP and credits acquired by using the rented IS-6 will not disappear when the tank is removed.
  • If you buy camouflage, emblems or inscriptions on the rented IS-6, these will be placed in your depot when the tank is removed. If you ever buy the IS-6, you will be able to place them on the tank.
  • If you install any Equipment on the rented tank, you will have to remove it manually using gold if you wish to keep that Equipment. Otherwise, the Equipment will be destroyed when the tank is removed.
  • Once the rental time is up, you will not be able to use the tank in battle anymore. Moreover, the tank will have to be removed manually. This is performed by right-clicking on the tank’s icon and hitting the “remove” option
  • When hitting the “remove” option, a pop-up will appear in which you will be able to dismount the equipment, remove/sell ammunition, consumables etc.
  • Removing the tank will also remove the temporary garage slot.
  • If you don’t remove the tank after the rental time is up, it will remain in your garage. However, you will not be able to use it.
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Important: Please keep your rental tank repaired at all times, possibly by marking the automatic repair option. If it is not repaired at the time of the rental expiration, you may experience it being blocked and inaccessible in some way. This issue will be fixed with the implementation of version 9.7.


Type 59 Lottery

You read right – there will be a lottery with the legendary Tier VIII Chinese Premium medium tank as the prize! At the end of the month we will choose one random pair of players connected via the Refer a Friend program during the anniversary weekend, and add a Type 59 + garage slot to their accounts.  However, bear in mind that only the pairs who have been linked on 11-12 April will be eligible for the lottery.





Bring your friends to the party – everyone’s invited!