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Premium Shop: WZ-111 Special Mission Challenge Tokens


We hope you are doing well and are on the home stretch of the Special Mission Challenge. Remember that the missions will remain active only until Monday 19 January at 06:00 CET (UTC +1), so there is not much time left to claim the Special Prize – the Chinese Tier VIII Premium heavy tank, WZ-111.

For more information regarding this unique vehicle, please refer to our dedicated historical article and gameplay article.

If you won’t manage to complete one or more parts of the mission on time, but would like to have the special tank in your garage, remember that you have a fail-safe option at your disposal. There are 7 special packages in the Premium Shop, each containing a mission token for a different nation. If for any reason you can’t complete the entire mission, you can acquire the missing tokens from the Premium Shop and still receive the reward:

Challenge: USSR


Challenge: Germany


Challenge: USA


Challenge: France


Challenge: UK


Challenge: China


Challenge: Japan


Purchasing these Challenge Mission Tokens in the Premium Shop will not complete the mission for the respective nation in-game.

The token will be credited to your account automatically. You simply won't have to complete the mission of the respective nation  in order to receive the Premium tank WZ-111.


Fail-Safe Option – FAQ


Is there any difference when a player achieved the token in game by playing or if they just buy the token from the Shop?

Yes, there is - finishing the mission in-game will also reward you with 3 Premium Account days (3 days for each token, so 21 Premium Account days in total).

What happens if a player buys only one token but at the end of the event they do not have the other tokens to finish the whole mission?

All unused Tokens that have been purchased in the Premium Shop will be compensated with 2,500at the end of the event.

If I buy one Token, for example for the Germans, will I still be able to play the German Mission?

Yes, you will be able to play the Mission and if you finish it you will get 3 days of Premium Account time.

Tokens bought in the Premium Shop are turned into gold only after the event ends, but what happens to tokens earned in missions (assuming you have the tank already)? Are they turned into gold?

Only tokens that have been purchased in the Premium Shop will be exchanged for gold, provided they have not been used, after the event ends. Tokens that have been achieved in-game will not be compensated with gold.

If I buy all seven tokens and receive the tank directly, will I still be able to play the Missions and get rewards?

Yes, you can play all missions and you will also get a reward for each token (3 days of Premium Account time and 2,500).

What happens if a player buys 5 National Tokens in the Premium Shop but never finishes any other missions?

All 5 tokens will be compensated with 2,500each, so the player will receive 12,500in total.

What battle modes count towards the mission goal (random battles, team battles, others)?

Random battles only.

Will there be any way to check the number of tokens you have for each nation?

The tokens sold in the Premium Shop cannot be tracked in the UI (user interface). However, the free tokens (tokens given by missions) can be tracked in the Missions and Specials window, together with the completed missions.

Does using Premium tanks count towards mission progress (damage/tanks destroyed)?

Yes, you can use Premium tanks and they will contribute to the mission’s progress, provided that they are at least Tier VI and of the corresponding nation.

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One last push, Commanders – the Prize is already in sight!