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Premium Shop: Grand Finals Offers


The Grand Finals are getting closer! To turn up the heat and set the tone for the eSports madness, we have assembled two special packages featuring the brand new Premium Tank - the AMX 13 57! This tier VII terror will not only appeal to the fans of French light tanks who are eager to put it to good use as a training platform for their crews. It is also a nice gem to add to the garage of any tank collector, especially as it is distinguished by a unique WGL Grand Finals branding!

Want to know more about the vehicle? In that case, check out our dedicated announcement!

The following offer will be available in the Premium Shop from 18 April at 07:10 until 4 May at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2).


A New Challenger Appears!


  • AMX 13 57, French Tier VII Premium Light Tank
  • 1 Garage Slot
  • 3,000
  • 3 days of Premium Account for free!



A Rising Star!


  • AMX 13 57, French Tier VII Premium Light Tank
  • 1 Garage Slot
  • 6,600
  • Premium Account: 37 days (7 days for free!)



Don’t forget that these offers are just a sample of those that are available. Visit the Premium Shop to find the extensive list of everything you can get!


Premium Account

A premium account allows you to earn more credits and experience per battle so that you can progress more quickly in the game. All the information about the advantages of a premium account can be found in our guide.


Roll out, Commanders!