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Clan Spotlight: Third Campaign Third Stage Recap with Clan Interviews!

Our recent Clan Wars campaign was a hard fought battle that involved multiple clans brawling for those coveted top spots.  Now that the Third Stage is complete, we spoke to a variety of different clans with different levels of experience and team work, to see what they thought of the campaign. The featured clans are:

We Rise Again [R1SE]
Owning Noobs Everywhere [ONE-X]
Grupo Operacional Portugues [GOP]

What advice would you give to clans who are not yet involved in Clan Wars and are considering getting started?

To form a team of fifteen active guys willing to play versus other clans, and to have fun during it.” [R1SE]

Get experience in proper teamplay as fast as possible. In Clan Wars you are part of a team. Many of the habits you develop in Random Battles will only get you killed in Clan Wars…”– [IDEAL]

Try it out, see how you do, you might be good at it, and fun and adrenaline are guaranteed.” – [ONE-X]

You will lose more than you win in the beginning. When you fall, you get up and try again. Always evolve, constantly change and aim for better results, never settle for what you have now. It takes time and patience but if you are persistent enough you will get there.” – [GOP]

We also interviewed the winning clan, Rynnäkkösopulit [RSOP] about their amazing victory:

Now we are just having a break from serious battling and taking it easy... One must be careful not to lose the fun for playing this game, you know. If it is 'all work and no play', Sarek1 will be a dull boy.” - [RSOP]

We would like to extend a special thanks to all clans that took part in this campaign. We’ll be gathering feedback via a separate topic and look forward to making the next campaign even better!

The full interviews with each clan can be found by clicking on their tag below!



Roll out!