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WoT Classic 0.7.0 — the legend returns!

Do you remember those glorious days when the game physics allowed players to work wonders, and World of Tanks was a very different experience? Play the good old "Tanks" — or see what it was like to play in 2011!

We got the dog back!

Play WoT Classic 0.7.0 and win a unique style with dog paw prints, an inscription, and an emblem. This style can be applied in the current version of World of Tanks.  

"Tanks" 0.7.0: the game of your memories

Game physics

Previously, game physics were much simpler. In version 0.7.0, you can easily hang off bridges and rocks, your vehicle doesn't roll downhill. Also, tanks don't turn over or leave the ground, and destroyed vehicles cannot be moved.

Graphics and sound

Graphics in "Tanks" from ver. 0.7.0 will put you in a nostalgic mood thanks to the "old school" rendering and simplified details. They are less demanding on system resources, so the game will run even on PCs with low performance. The old soundtracks with their long-forgotten tunes will awaken fond memories.


In WoT Classic, there is no Sixth Sense, so watch out and always remember that adversaries can spot you at the most unexpected moment. Play wisely and choose the right position on the battlefield!   

Tech tree

Only three nations are available: the USSR, Germany, and the USA – and separately the Type 59, a legendary Chinese Medium tank. The composition of branches was different: there were fewer vehicles, and only heavy tanks could sit at Tier X. You will get 4 sets of Crew members for each nation, with three researched skills (Firefighting, Repairs, Concealment). The Type 59 has one Crew member for each specialty.


At that time, there was no 3-5-7 system or other templates. The balance of different vehicle classes in teams was not always respected, and the number of SPGs per team wasn't limited. You could also play Platoons with vehicles of different tiers.   

Golden ammo for gold

In WoT Classic, golden ammo and improved equipment can only be purchased using gold. During the event, you will be credited with gold, credits, and Free Experience. 

SPGs without stun

In version 0.7.0, arty didn't stun and could fire armor-piercing / HEAT-shells with huge damage, inspiring fear among enemies. On the other hand, the reloading time, accuracy, and dispersion of SPG guns were noticeably lower than today.

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Play and remember!

Return to the old days and play the classic "Tanks" of 2011!

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