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Razer Summer Cup

The Razer Arena challenges you – embrace your inner pro gamer!

If you're looking for a thrilling and rewarding challenge this summer, you have come to the right place. The Razer arena will host a series of tournaments that will put even the most seasoned World of Tanks players to the test. Of course, every big challenge calls for a hefty prize, and a prize there shall be!




The Razer Summer Cup will be split into three competitions, in order for everyone to find a tournament that suits their personal preference:


Tournament 1, registration on 13 July: 3v3, Tier VI. Rewards:
  • 1st : Valentine II, 400and $200 per player.
  • 2nd : Valentine II, 300and $100 per player.
  • 3rd : 200
  • 4th : 100
  • 5th 100
  • 6th : 100
  • 7th 50
  • 8th : 50

Tournament 2, "7/68", registration on 8 August: 7v7, Tier X. Rewards:
  • 1st : Matilda IV, 600and $600 per player.
  • 2nd : Matilda IV, 500and $300 per player.
  • 3rd : 400
  • 4th : 300
  • 5th 200
  • 6th : 200
  • 7th 100
  • 8th : 100
Tournament 3, "Play Your Way", registration on 12 September: 5v5, Tier VIII. Rewards:
  • Special tournament, special rewards!


Each competition will be have 2 phases:

The first one will be played as a round robin: all the registered teams are sorted into groups, and everyone plays against everyone. The first two teams will be qualified for the playoff phase.

The playoffs are a single elimination phase, in which the qualified teams face one opponent at a time, until only one team remains and claims victory.





Stay tuned for more information about each competition!