What to do when an account has been stolen

Please read the following instructions to know what to do if your account has been hacked.


Step 1: Dont panic 

You will get your account back safe and sound. Our Technical Support Service team will help you to solve any issue with your account.


Step 2: Recover your email account 

It’s important to recover your email account.  This is because not only can a cheater can obtain access to your in-game account again, all password and secret question change notifications will be sent to the email address.

If you have no control over your email account, please contact the support of your email service to recover the email account. After successful email recovery, please follow instructions given below:

  • Secure your email account (see Rule 5).
  • Change the password to your email account (see Rule 8).


Step 3: Recover the in-game account and secure it 

After your email is recovered and secured, please change the password to your in-game account by using the special form.  This will stop hackers from accessing your account again.

Enter your in-game account to check your personal data and see if there are any possible requests from the Support Service. Look to see if the hacker has changed anything, and keep notes. It is possible that the hacker contacted the Support Service (for example, with a request to change the email used for the game account).  If this has happened, make sure to mention this fact in your ticket, specifying which bits of information were submited by the hacker and therefore are false.. We also strongly recommend that you change your secret question at this point.


Step 4: Tell us what happened in detail 

Submit a new ticket to Technical Support Service describing the problem you faced including all the procedures you followed to recover and secure the account.

Enter the game with your in-game account to check if anything is missing. If you see that something disappeared, list it in the ticket as well.

Please note that we cannot guarantee you a full recovery of all missing objects but we will do our best to return things removed by the hacker.


Step 5: Be patient 

The Technical Support Service members take each request about unauthorized access seriously and will process them very carefully. Each case is individual and requires time to both recover the account and its possessions.  We will also investigate and take all possible actions to identify, stop and punish the hacker.  But this does mean it can take some time for the process to be completed, so please be patient!

We hope that the idea of us dishing out some justice to the hacker will help keep your spirits up whilst waiting for the solution of your case.


Step 6: Use all possible methods to secure your account 

The Technical Support Service team has created a special article with simple rules which will help you to minimize risk of another unauthorized access to your account. Please read it to improve the security of your account in the future.