The Fearsome Trio
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The Fearsome Trio

Statut du tournoi :

Terminé Terminé
The Wargaming Community and eSports teams are bringing you an extraordinary tournament that will test your individual skill and mettle to the utmost.

À propos

  • 1 310 Équipes confirmées
  • SE + RR Arbre de tournoi
  • Gold, Premium Tanks, Premium Time, Boosters, Garage Slots, Cagnotte
  • EU 2 Serveur

Détails du tournoi

  • Format de l'équipe 3
  • Mode de bataille Bataille impromptue
  • Rang des véhicules VI
  • Total des rangs autorisé 18


Himmelsdorf en hiver
Ligne Siegfried

Équipes confirmées

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  • Tournament Rules
  • Tournament Rewards
  • Tournament Calendar and Structure
  • Team/Players rules
  • Broadcasting
  • Replays
Forum links:

Forum links:

Tournament Rules

Tournament Rules

Match settings

  • Battle mode: Encounter
  • Team size: 3
  • Battle time: 7 minutes

Team setup rules

  • Teams can consist of vehicles of different nations.
  • Premium vehicles, ammunition, and consumables are allowed.
  • Any vehicles tier VI or lower are allowed to participate in the tournament without limitations by nation.
  • If a team enters the battle room with an incomplete lineup and none of the reserve players can fill the place in the main lineup, the team starts the battle with an incomplete lineup.

Map pool

  • Ensk
  • Fiery S.
  • Lakeville
  • Mines
  • Murovanka
  • Prokhorovka
  • Sand River
  • Siegfried Line
  • Steppes
  • Winter Himmelsdorf
  • Winterberg

Game server and game restart/crashes

  • Games will be played on EU2
  • In case of changes, players will be notified via forum
  • Games cannot be replayed, unless an issue with the setup causes a problem. Unfortunately, we will be unable to restart games due to disconnections or PC crashes.


Tournament Rewards

Tournament Rewards

Group stage

  • 1st place 200 gold
  • 2nd place100 gold
  • 3rd place 75 gold

Play offs

  • 1st place 5000 gold
  • 2nd place 2500 gold
  • 3rd – 4th place 1500 gold
  • 5th – 8th place 750 gold
  • 9th - 16th place 250 gold

Final Stage

  • In the final stage all play off winners will play against the Fearsome Threesome.
  • In case of a win the players will get an AMX CDC premium tank, in case of a defeat the players will receive a 30 days of premium.
  • Based on the Fearsome Threesome team's performance, prizes will be given out to twitch viewers


  • Each play off winner is also participating in the final stage and is therefore obliged to show up on time, and show fair behavior in game during the whole event/show. In case of not showing up, the organizer reserves right to remove play off winners from the award list completely.
  • Additionally, any cases of negative/toxic behavior which could affect the stream/show may be further sanctioned ingame.


Tournament Calendar and Structure

Tournament Calendar and Structure


  • Registration opens 26th November
  • Registration closes 3rd December
  • Group stage takes place on 3rd December 17:00 CET
  • Play offs take place on 3rd December - Shortly after group stage
  • Final stage takes place on 10th December - 19:00 CET


Group stage

  • Teams will be divided into groups of 6
  • the top 2 teams will advance to the play offs
  • Teams will be divided into random groups
  • Games will be Bo1
  • Point distribution – Victory 3 points, Draw 1 point, loss 0 points

Play offs

  • Teams will be divided into 10 (separate) play off groups
  • The winner of each play off will participate in the final event which will be broadcast live on
  • Teams progressing from the group stage will be distrubuted randomly (no seeding)
  • Games will be BO1/BO3 (depending on the number of teams)
  • In case of a draw both teams will be disqualified
  • In case of a draw in the final game, there may be an additional match to decide a winner
  • In the final game 1:0 or 0:1 scores will be considered a win, even though the normal requirementfor Bo3 is 2 wins.


Team/Players rules

Team/Players rules

  • All World of Tanks players can participate in the tournament without limitations.
  • Each team must consist of a minimum of 3 players.
  • Each player can only play for one team in a tournament, cup or championship
  • Once the team has been created, it cannot change its name (please be very careful when naming your team).
  • Team and player names must not violate the naming rules. Any team violating these rules will be disqualified. Highly offensive names may be further sanctioned with an ingame suspension.
  • Teams must keep all names alpha-numeric. Teams are not allowed to use special signs, unprintable words and similar. All names have to be clearly readable.


  • The official admins are: Berbo and MrConway
  • Administrators resolve disputes.
  • The ruling of an Administrator is final.
  • For any tournament broadcasting, official Casters will be named before a tournament starts in an official tournament forum thread.
  • If any official Caster requests entrance to a game, they must be invited/added to the team.

The Show

  • The teams whose matches will be recorded for a Video that will be used publicly must be ready for the battle at least thirty minutes before the official time of the match start.
  • If a team is not ready for the battle at the specified time, this may be considered an intentional delay and the team may be penalized according to the Rules and Regulations.
  • At any stage of the Tournament, the Organizer has the opportunity to broadcast. The Organizer has a right to add observers to the matches that will be broadcast.
  • The accounts of the observers may be added to teams. In the automatic tournament system there may be a special slot for a streamer. The use of this slot by anybody except the streamer will be considered a gross violation, and the team will be disqualified.


  • Replays must be recorded by the teams for all the games, and provided if requested. If replays are required (i.e. to resolve disputes between teams), the details on where to send the files will be provided by the admins.
  • Replays may be uploaded to the World of Tanks Replays service for easy access.
  • In case of dispute, the team captains will be contacted on the forum, and will have 72 hours to reply. Failure to reply or provide the replays may result in the cancellation of the victory and the removal of the prizes.
  • Any action that goes against the spirt of the game, such as battle rigging or other types of abuse of the game mechanics, may lead to disqualification.

Vainqueurs du tournoi

Équipe Équipe Capitaine Capitaine Serveur de jeu Serveur de jeu Option d'inscription Option d'inscription


Pour les équipes suffisamment bien placées, tous les membres y compris ceux en réserve, recevront les récompenses.

Place Récompense
**** Play off Rewards ****
1st place: 5000 gold
2nd place: 2500 gold
3rd-4th place: 1500 gold
5th-8th place: 750 gold
9th-16th place: 250 gold
**** Group StageRewards ****
1st place: 200 gold
2nd place: 100 gold
3rdplace: 75 gold

Arbres de tournoi

Il y a trop d'équipes pour créer un arbre : /64

Il n'y a aucune information concernant cette étape.

Il y a trop d'équipes pour créer un arbre : /32

Il n'y a aucune information concernant cette étape.


Si vous êtes inscrit au tournoi, connectez-vous pour voir les horaires des matchs.

Si vous êtes inscrit au tournoi, connectez-vous pour voir les horaires des matchs.

Si vous êtes inscrit au tournoi, connectez-vous pour voir les horaires des matchs.

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