Statut du tournoi : Terminé Terminé


Statut du tournoi :

Terminé Terminé
This edition of 486 will consist of 3 stages. Two Group Stages and Play off. This will be like a marathon cup, a very long but also very rewarding!

À propos

  • 869 Équipes confirmées
  • SE + RR Arbre de tournoi
  • Up to 10.000 gold! Cagnotte
  • EU 2 Serveur

Détails du tournoi

  • Format de l'équipe 3 + 1 suppléant
  • Mode de bataille Bataille impromptue
  • Rang des véhicules VI
  • Total des rangs autorisé 18
  • Informations supplémentaires ATTENTION: This tournament will start at 12:00 CEST and may take up to 7 hours. Please do not sign up if you're not available to play it fully!



Équipes confirmées

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  • Newcomers section:
  • Team captain obligations:
  • Vehicle limitations:
  • Players and teams:
  • Before the battle:
  • Tournament Structure:
  • Schedule:
  • Victory conditions:
  • Admins and Casters:
  • Replays:
  • Rewards:
  • Stretch goals:
Newcomers section:

Newcomers section:

  1. Everyone is highly encouraged to read the following guide. It describes the process, from choosing a tournament to creating/joining or modifying teams.
  2. Join us on the forum to discuss current and upcoming tournaments. You may also ask any question about any cup or rules.
Team captain obligations:

Team captain obligations:

  1. All team captains must stay up to date on the forum. The tournament administration recommends every captain follows the “rules and information” thread for the specific tournaments they are participating in, in case of critical changes.
  2. Rule violations must be posted within 15 minutes after the round ends, in the “rules enforcement” thread, in the specific forum section. After the deadline passes, reports will be deemed invalid.
  3. The team captain is responsible for his team: only a team captain can make requests on behalf of his team on the forum.
  4. Captains and players are advised to use the in-game reporting system to report foul language, rather than the official rules enforcement thread.
Vehicle limitations:

Vehicle limitations:

  1. As a general rule, no specific vehicles are prohibited.
  2. Any occasional vehicle restrictions will be communicated accordingly.
  3. The use of premium tanks, shells and consumables is allowed.
Players and teams:

Players and teams:

  1. Each player can only play for one team in a tournament, cup or championship
  2. Wargaming.net staff or affiliates are not prohibited from playing, unless they are part of the tournament administration - these people will be stated (Only a maximum of one Wargaming.net employee or affiliate per active team is allowed).
  3. Once the team has been created, it cannot change its name (please be very careful when naming your team).
  4. Team and player names must not violate the Wargaming.net naming rules. Any team violating these rules will be disqualified. Highly offensive names may be further sanctioned with an ingame suspension.
  5. Teams must keep all names alpha-numeric. Teams are not allowed to use special signs, unprintable words and similar. All names have to be clearly readable.
Before the battle:

Before the battle:

  1. Teams have 5-10 minutes before the allocated start time to join the lobby.
  2. A guide on how to join Special Battles is available on the portal.
  3. If a team is not ready within this period and no one from the reserve can take part in the primary (main) team, the team will play with an incomplete lineup.
Tournament Structure:

Tournament Structure:

  1. All registered teams will be split into groups of 10 in the Group Stage 1 (GS1)
  2. Top 3 placed teams in GS1 will advance to the Group Stage 2 (GS2)
  3. Teams will be split into groups of 10 in the GS2
  4. Top 2 placed teams in GS2 will advance to the Playoff (PO)
  5. GS1 and GS2 will be played in Round Robin format; PO will be Single Elimination
  6. All games in GS1 and GS2 will be BO1. PO will be BO1, only the final game will be BO3
  7. Start of each stage/battle may be changed depending on the number of teams
  8. Organizer reserves right to modify the structure of the tournament during the registration period


  1. Group stage 1 start 12:00 CEST
  2. 1h break
  3. Group stage 2 start 15:00 CEST
  4. 1h break
  5. Play off start 18:00 CEST - 18:30 CEST
  6. This schedule is not final and may change depending on the number of sign ups.
Victory conditions:

Victory conditions:

  1. To win a game, the team will need to destroy all enemy vehicles or capture the enemy base.
  2. The number or rounds will be available on the tournament page.
  3. Draw conditions (tie breakers, keep draw-disqualifications etc…) will be available on the tournament page.
  4. Games that result in a draw have two resolutions, with one being picked for each tournament. The two resolutions are a tie breaker or the disqualification of both teams.
  5. If a Tie Break match has to be played, the Tie Break owner votes for which side (attacking or defending) to play. The voting time will be two minutes.
  6. The Tie Break owner is determined according to the following criteria (in descending order of priority):
  • The team that was the fastest to win while playing as the attacking side.
  • The team that caused the most damage in one battle, while playing as the attacking side.
  • By random designation.
  1. Starting spawn points for all games will be automatically allocated by the system.
  2. Games cannot be replayed, unless an issue with the setup causes a problem. Unfortunately, we will be unable to restart games due to disconnections or PC crashes.
Admins and Casters:

Admins and Casters:

  1. The official Wargaming.net admins are: Berbo, Karlie, Kejjak and Soov
  2. Administrators resolve disputes.
  3. The ruling of an Administrator is final.
  4. For any tournament broadcasting, official Casters will be named before a tournament starts in an official tournament forum thread.
  5. If any official Caster requests entrance to a game, they must be invited/added to the team.


  1. Replays must be recorded by the teams from the quarter final onwards. If replays are required (for example to resolve disputes between teams), the details on where to send the files will be provided by the admins.
  2. Replays may be uploaded to the World of Tanks Replays service for easy access.


  1. In-game gold and other rewards are usually sent within a week (maximum two) after the tournament’s completion.
  2. If your team is missing gold or any other rewards after two weeks, you may report it on the forum by posting in the section of the specific tournament.
  3. All rewards are per player, unless otherwise specified.
  4. If 2 or more teams are having same amount of points, their ranking will be based on head-to-head ratio.
Stretch goals:

Stretch goals:

  1. Stretch goals are participation targets. A specific number of participants unlocks a new threshold of rewards, according to the list provided by the organiser.
  2. Once a specific threshold has been attained, the unlocked rewards are added to the overall rewards of the tournament. Added rewards may include, but are not limited to, consumables, premium time, and premium vehicles.

Vainqueurs du tournoi

Équipe Équipe Capitaine Capitaine Serveur de jeu Serveur de jeu Option d'inscription Option d'inscription


Place Récompense
Play off  -----------------------
1st place: 10000 gold
2nd place: 7500 gold
3rd-4th place: 5000 gold
5th-8th place: 2500 gold
9th-16th place: 1500 gold
17th-32 place: 750 gold
Group Stage 2 -----------------------
1st place: 500 gold (advancing to the play off)
2nd place: 350 gold (advancing to the play off)
3rd place: 250 gold
4th place: 200 gold
5th place: 150 gold
6th place 100 gold
Group Stage 1 -----------------------
1st place: 240.000 Credits (advancing to the group stage 2)
2nd place: 160.000 Credits (advancing to the group stage 2)
3rd place: 80.000 credits (advancing to the group stage 2)
4th place: 60.000 credits
5th place: 40.000 credits

Arbres de tournoi

Il y a trop d'équipes pour créer un arbre : /64

Il n'y a aucune information concernant cette étape.

Il y a trop d'équipes pour créer un arbre : /32

Il n'y a aucune information concernant cette étape.


Si vous êtes inscrit au tournoi, connectez-vous pour voir les horaires des matchs.

Si vous êtes inscrit au tournoi, connectez-vous pour voir les horaires des matchs.

Si vous êtes inscrit au tournoi, connectez-vous pour voir les horaires des matchs.

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