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Special: Japanese Tanks Roll Out


This weekend special puts Japanese armour in the spotlight, so make sure to use this opportunity to take advantage of some nice dedicated discounts and bonuses! Also, don't forget to check out the dedicated Premium Shop offers, including the recently buffed STA-2 and Heavy Tank No. VI.

Feel like a true heavy-metal samurai and from 9 July at 07:10 until 12 July at 07:10 CEST (UTC+2) benefit from the following:


The Japanese: a great bunch of tanks


  • x2 XP for the battle


  • Random Battles only
  • Japanese tanks only
  • Repeatable
  • First Victory of the Day bonus used up


  • Win a battle
  • Be in the top 10 players on your team by base experience earned (bonuses for the first victory, Premium Account, etc., will not be counted to determine the rankings)
  • Destroy one enemy vehicle



Roll Out!