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Event: Free XP to Crew XP


This event, allowing you to convert your Free XP to Crew XP, is back! Make sure to use this opportunity to boost your crews and get those skills and perks you always wanted faster!

The event will be active from Thursday 1 October at 07:10 CEST (UTC +2) until Sunday 1 November at 06:00 CET (UTC +1).

Free XP to Crew XP conversion guide


Converting Free XP to Crew XP is easy and what’s more important – it’s completely free of charge! The only thing you need is to have any amount of Free XP stored on your account and the will to convert it. The exchange rate is: 1 Free XP = 5 Crew XP. Here’s how it works:

If you open the Personal File of any tanker in your service, you will notice that a new button appeared on the UI, called “Increase:”

If you click on it, a special menu will pop up, in which you can determine the level of training you want to conduct using your Free XP for that particular tanker, and see how much of the Free XP the process will convert. After that, just click on the Exchange button and voila – your tanker’s skill/perk level is now increased:

Important: When converting Free XP to Crew XP, bear in mind that the option will be unavailable and the appropriate button inactive when:

  • No skill/perk has been selected for training in the Skills tab;
  • You don’t have enough Free XP to increase the selected skill/perk by at least a full 1%;
  • The selected tanker’s Major Qualification is not at 100%




Get those crews in shape, Commanders!