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Premium Shop: Skoda T 40

The following offers will be available in the Premium Shop from 15 July at 07:10 CEST (UTC+2) until 22 July at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2).


Skoda T 40 - Ultimate


The highlight of the week is the Skoda T 40 bundle. Czechoslovakian tank enthusiasts will not be disappointed, as the featured tank is a great crew trainer for medium tanks, and it can earn some extra credits.

The tank comes with a garage slot and 1,500for other expenses.

On top of that, if you go for it, you will receive a free gift of 10 Personal Reserves that will give you a x3 bonus to your Crew-XP acquisition rate for one hour!

Get it while you can!


Other Special Offers:

Fort Knox


Heat Shock


Don’t forget that these offers are just a sample of those that are available. Visit the Premium Shop to find the extensive list of everything you can get!



Roll out, Commanders!