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Premium Shop: Ready and Steady

The following offers will be available in the Premium Shop from 6 November at 06:10 until 11 November at 06:00 CET (UTC+1).


Roll Out!



Want to get combat ready, but are short on resources? In that case this package is for you!

Enjoy a nice amount of 2,500, 1,000,000and 30 days of Premium Account. These will ensure that not only will you experience an immediate boost to your spending power, but you will also yield more credits and XP per battle for those thirty days!

Lock and load and roll out!


Other Special Offers:

Fort Knox


Booster Package



Don’t forget that these offers are just a sample of those that are available. Visit the Premium Shop to find the extensive list of everything you can get!


Premium Account

A premium account allows you to earn more credits and experience per battle so that you can progress more quickly in the game. All the information about the advantages of a premium account can be found in our guide.


Roll out, Commanders!