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Describe gamescom 2015 in 3 Words

We’re over the half-way mark at gamescom 2015 and time is flying by! With so many Wargaming titles available to play and watch on our stage this year, we thought it would be really cool to record the impressions of our stage hosts and special guests. Therefore we came up with a deceptively simple challenge for them - “Describe gamescom 2015 in 3 words.”


“German ships arrive!”

Artur Plociennik – Global Publishing Producer for World of Warships


“Loud. Chaotic. Unforgettable.”

Jeff GreggLead Game Designer for World of Tanks on XBOX


“gamescom is RIDICULOUS!*”

QuickyBaby – English-language Community Contributor, livestreamer and Youtuber.

*Ridiculous: QuickyBaby's favourite word to describe something as awesome.



“Ready for Clans?”

Aleksandra Chmielewska – Community Product Specialist for World of Tanks Blitz





 “Exciting, crazy, fun!”

The Professional Booth Team handing out our gamescom 2015 booklet and welcoming you to our booth.


"Happy, sweaty gamers"

Al King - Wargaming Global Brand Director


How would you describe your experience of this year’s gamescom in 3 words? Tell us on the forums! Stay tuned for more coverage and announcements from the event.