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gamescom 2015: 5 Reasons Why the Wargaming Show is Unmissable

Day two of gamescom 2015 is now in full swing and this means that more and more of you will be heading to our booth! While the chance to battle or try a new game is a huge pull, the Wargaming stage is also awash with activity. Here are five reasons why our show this year should not be missed:

(5) It changes!

If you come back to the booth to see multiple announcements, you’ll catch a different version of the performance! Ready to hear the latest from the World of Warships team? Well you’ll be treated to dancing sailors and navy drummers. Arrived to find out the latest news from the World of Tanks team? Then the girls of the tank corps will go on parade!


(4) There is a drum call

A roll of thunder from the balconies of our topographically-themed booth signals the start of the show!


(3) The dance routines are awesome

Choreography, swirling lights and rousing pop beats welcome you to the Wargaming booth, and our special guests to the stage!


(2) The costume theme

Our performers this year are decked out in army and navy uniforms, modified of course for freedom of movement and a sprinkling of glamour.


(1) There are light dancers

The last bit of the dance show looks like a lightsabre duel at a warehouse rave and we hope you love it as much as we do!

There is plenty happening at gamescom 2015 besides the stage show! Be sure to follow the livestreaming, stage activities and portal news for more updates and key announcements.


What are you looking forward to the most?