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gamescom 2016: The Player's Perspective

We caught up with our passionate audience to ask them about their feelings and thoughts on the games at the show.

The seas of World of Warships are swarming with German battleships these days, and the visitors at our gamescom booth are taking full advantage of this. We asked Filip how he liked the newly introduced branch.

WG: Hi Filip, pretty good battle there with the Bayern. How do you like the ship?
F: Well, it's German, so I like it a lot!
WG: Umm, anything else?
F: Let me think… I like how it handles, it's really maneuverable for a battleship and the guns reload much faster than I would expect.
WG: Are you going to be trying for the Tier X?
F: If all ships in the branch are this fun to play, then absolutely. I have the Tirpitz in my Port, so the commander is ready!
WG: Are you?
F: We will see, haha!

The console corner of the booth is set up with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One stations. We caught up with Carsen, who was nice enough to give us some of his thoughts on World of Tanks on the PlayStation 4.

WG First time on Console?
C: Yeah, I play on PC. I have been playing World of Tanks on PC for almost four years now I think.
WG: So what do you think of the game on Playstation 4?
C: I think it looks slightly better. The graphics, I mean. But the controls I need to get used to. It's a bit difficult to aim 'cause I am so used to using a mouse.

(The gameplay session for everyone else around was finished, but we asked Carsen to hang back with us so he to enjoy more of the game and let us know his thoughts. In his second battle, a desert storm was raging and pummeling his Tiger "Hammer" and surroundings with dust and sand. Carsen noticed.)

C: This is pretty cool and something we don’t have on PC. Is the visibility reduced?

(The roles of an interviewer-interviewee were reversed for a second.)

WG Yes, it actually is. The radio range is reduced as well, so it's better to stick close to your teammates.
C: Which I didn’t do, I'm alone on this flank.

(After the session is ends, with Carsen victorious, he looks impressed.)

C: Yes, it really looks great, thanks for showing me the game! In the end, the aiming wasn’t so bad, I got used to it. The console version really looks good, especially the weather and its impact on the gameplay. I have a PS3 at home, but I might be getting the PS4 as well just for this!

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