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gamescom Social Media Contests: The Winners

Greetings Wargaming.net Community!

We´d like to congratulate the winners and thank all the participants of our Community activities at gamescom 2016! It´s time to know the winners of each contest!


gamescom Survival Kit Contest

The gamescom Survival Kit Contest has come to an end and it´s time to reward our players! Without further ado, let’s meet the winners who will receive gamescom Goodie bags with some additional surprises!







We will contact the winners via forum PM and/or via the e-mail they provided in the contest submission form. A big thank you to all who participated – keep your eyes open for more contests coming soon!


WG Caption Contest

Do you remember our WG Caption gamescom Contest? The goal was to create your own meme using the pictures from Gamescom provided on our Flickr account. During the event we received countless funny submissions and had a really hard time in deciding upon the best ones! We´ve finally managed to identify the grand prize winner from among all of our 7 regional winners! This winner will receive an Alienware laptop!

  • World of Tanks Winner: KV-220-2 + slot + gamescom goodie bag with surprises!
  • World of Tanks Console: T-25 + slot + gamescom goodie bag with surprises!
  • World of Warships: König Albert + slot + gamescom goodie bag with surprises!
  • World of Tanks Blitz: Tiger I gamescom Skin + gamescom goodie bag with surprises!
  • Master of Orion: Master of Orion 1 to 3 + 15% Discount Voucher for Master of Orion Collector’s Edition + gamescom goodie bag with surprises!

Once again, congratulations to the winners!


Main Prize Winner

Nickname: In_Your_Head49 (From the French Community).

Translation: The face when... / You spot an IS-3 behind you but have only 390HP left.

Prize: Alienware laptop


Regional Winners

English Community Winners

WoT Winner:

Nickname: ETitus

WoWs Winner:

Nickname: TomaszuJerzy


WG Selfie Contest

Players had the chance to visit us during gamescom and participate in our WG Selfie Contest. We got many pictures and we awarded the best ones! Here you are a few examples!


See you next year at gamescom 2017!