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Community Activities at gamescom 2016

Coming to gamescom 2016? So are we! The Wargaming Community staff will be hosting a wide range of activities at this year’s gamescom, and we want you to join us! Check out everything we have in store!

Pass by our booth and say hi! We’ll have all of your favourite Wargaming games ready to play and plenty of staff available to answer your questions or simply chat. First time at gamescom? We highly recommend you to read our best tips on how to queue!


Hit Us Up On Social Media For Awesome Prizes

Make sure you also follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, as we will also be running various activities, including live behind-the-scenes footage, directly on Facebook allowing you to get awesome prizes there:

  • If you’re a highly experienced gamescom visitor, you probably come equipped. Share with us a picture of your gamescom Survival Kit, and win one of our highly demanded gamescom 2016 Goodie Bags!
  • Keep an eye open for #WGSelfie, a simple contest where we’ll ask you to share a picture of yourself (and your friends!) at our booth! This contest starts on 18 August, so keep an eye open for this one!
  • If you can’t make it to gamescom, don’t fret! We still have opportunities for you to win some awesome prizes with our #WGCaption contest. Make sure to follow us on Facebook for that one!

In-game Contests

We also prepared some special in-game contests for many of our games:

 The Streamers at gamescom

Don’t forget you can also follow our special gamescom livestream on Twitch with Quickybaby (EN), Riokat (DE), Sir Nossi (DE) and gRuMM3L (DE). Consult our article for more information!

Wargaming Community Party

Finally, if you’re in the area during gamescom, make sure to join us for the gamescom Community Party on Friday the 19 August! Approximately 400 applicants have received an invitation to join us for music, drinks, games, and special guests.

If you're looking to follow all the latest goings-on via social media, don't forget to use the hashtags #PlayYourWay and #WargamingGC16. As usual, all of our social media platforms are going to be lighting up all throughout the five days, so you can keep up to date by checking our official Facebook page too! 

Don't forget to keep an eye out on our dedicated gamescom page to find out all the new happenings!

See you there, Commanders!