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gamescom 2016: The Anatomy of the Booth

Throwing open the floodgates on Thursday let thousands of fans swarm the Wargaming Booth. So, did it withstand the pressure?

The stage was in perpetual motion from start to finish!

With only small breaks between shows, we treated the visitors to a duo of dance numbers inspired by World of Tanks and World of Warships. The former saw our lovely dancers celebrating 100 years since the first tank rolled out onto the battlefield, while the latter took place on the deck of the German battleship Bismarck. Pure pleasure for the senses!

World of Tanks occupied well over half the booth with PC and both console versions on display, while the head of development himself showcased the upcoming 100 Years of Tanks game mode, the new urban map set in Paris, and... you guessed it, the Swedish branch coming later this year.

World of Warships, separated from the tankers by a river of visitors and fans in the center of the booth, showcased the newly added German battleships. And the reception? Well, we are in Germany, so it isn't too hard to guess!

Up on the stage, our European Publishing Producer for World of Warships unveiled exclusive footage of the hotly anticipated British cruisers. There might have been some "booos" heard from the audience, but again, we are in Germany and some fierce competition between the British cruisers and German battleships is to be expected. All in good fun, of course!

WG Labs, our breeding ground for fresh projects, is represented at gamescom by Master of Orion. The galactic 4X strategy reimagining escapes the magnetic field of Early Access on August 25 and the release version is playable at the booth right now, so whether you are in Cologne, Germany, or in the distant corner of the Galaxy, you should come check it out and conquer the stars!

Scattered throughout the booth, there were tablet and mobile devices with the latest titles from our WG Cells studio in Seattle. The latest title being Smash Squad, a role-playing game with exciting physic-based puzzles, which you can download right now.

gamescom 2016 just started, but we already know this will be the best show we have delivered here in Cologne, Germany. Keep up with the announcements and the neverending stream of media on our social media channels.

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