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The Wargaming.net League EU Season 1, 2016-2017 kicks off today


Get ready for a new season of the WGLEU. The Gold Series is back on 4 August for your personal enjoyment! This season, almost every day is a league day. The number of matchdays per week has been increased to four, in order to double the opportunities for you to enjoy your favourite game.

As usual, the twelve most talented teams in Europe will clash throughout the season, all the way to the season finals in October. Because the level of performance shown in the league never ceases to rise, the total prize pool for this season has also been increased—the gold series contenders will share the hefty amount of $325,000

Where to watch

We are all hungry for some entertaining and informative commentary by our favourite casters. They will shed light on every strategic decision made by our phenomenal players.


(from Thursday to Sunday every week)



League portal 

The new portal of the Wargaming.net League contains all the information you can dream of. Matches, statistics, standings... There are even pictures of your favourite players, if you are curious!


(Everything you need is now one click away)


Format and changes

Good news: if you are already familiar with the league, there will be no substantial changes to the format for this season. The matches will be played in 7/68 format. However, there is one important change coming: To keep the league more competitive than ever, and therefore more fun to watch, there will only be 8 gold teams in Season 2, 2016-2017. This means that at the end of this season, 4 teams will be relegated. 

Immediate schedule:

Matchday 1
Match orderTeam 1Team 2Tiebreaker map (if necessary)Date and Time of match
1 Cliff 4 August 19:00 CEST
2 Cliff 4 August 20:30 CEST
3 Cliff 5 August 19:00 CEST
4 Cliff 5 August 20:30 CEST
5 Cliff 6 August 16:00 CEST
6 Cliff 6 August 17:30 CEST


Matchday 2
Match orderTeam 1Team 2Tiebreaker map (if necessary)Date and Time of match
1 Prokhorovka 6 August 19:00 CEST
2 Prokhorovka 6 August 20:30 CEST
3 Prokhorovka 7 August 16:00 CEST
4 Prokhorovka 7 August 17:30 CEST
5 Prokhorovka 7 August 19:00 CEST
6 Prokhorovka 7 August 20:30 CEST



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Get ready for more brilliant moves and nail-biting finishes!