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Team Battles against the Gold Series contenders

The Wargaming.net League Season 2, 2015-2016 will be coming to an end shortly. The date of the Finals is known: 20 February. However, did you know that in the meantime, you and your team can measure up your talent against the top teams of the League, and even participate in some of the contests they run? Let us explain.

The how-to

There is no need to register anywhere to participate. All you need to do is play team battles normally with your team, and if you are lucky, you may encounter one of the Gold Series teams. Of course, by checking their social media pages, you will be able to find clues to maximise your chances of meeting them. Said "clues" may include their complete schedule, so you can know exactly when to hit the battlefield... It's as easy as that, and you can already begin the hunt.

One additional detail: some of the teams like to stream their team battles. So if you want to look super-good, don't hesitate to wear your best camouflage everytime you hit the battlefield - it's always nice for the camera.

The Targets

The vile enemy forces are well-identified. The foes this time are Rusty RosterKnäckebröd, Penta, and Oops. All of them deserve a good beating on the field. Granted, victory against these supergiants does not come easy. It may not be for everyone. But let's think rationally for a minute - you have several advantages. First of all, you know them better than they know you. If not, you can still analyse their playstyle and spot their weaknesses on the WGLEU youtube channel. Second, they are mostly here to have fun with the community, not to win the championship. And finally, even though they play "OK" together, individually this is what they look like:

(true picture of a member of Oops)

The rewards

Of course there is a small incentive to make the challenge more thrilling. Everytime you meet one of these teams, all the players on your team will receive 100regardless of the result. If you win, you will receive 500each. You do not have anything to do to claim your rewards - the gold will be credited automatically a few weeks later. You can encounter more than one of the teams, or the same team several times.

Note: if you meet one of the teams and change your nickname afterwards, you will need to notify our eSports team on the forum so they can check that for you.

Social media contests and giveaways

Most of the teams are also doing giveaways for the end of the season on their social media pages. This is for instance already the case for Knäckebröd and Oops on Facebook. Some prizes include premium time, gold, or even premium vehicles... and not just an old Tier II that you already have, but actual Tier VIII's in some cases!

Don't hesitate to check out all of the teams' social media channels to find out what they are up to! More often than not, they offer some very nice surprises for their fans!



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Stay tuned for the Season 2 Online playoffs very soon!