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WGLEU Season Finals in Katowice


The regional Season Finals of the Wargaming.net League are finally here for your personal enjoyment. The show starts on 23 October at 15:00 CEST and it's all broadcasted live from Katowice, Poland.

Everything is on the line for the teams: fame, honour, glory, and the biggest share of the $100,000 prize pool – not to mention the possibility of representing Europe in the next offline event, the Challenger Rumble.

No doubt the teams also have in mind the next edition of The Grand Finals, which will be held in the first half of 2017. Winning Season I would already be a significant step towards a qualification. 


UPDATE: Watching the livestream will naturally grant you access to some very fine prizes! During the broadcast, a series of exclusive "quests" −don't worry, nothing dreadful− will lead you to unlock rewards such as in-game gold, premium time, and even premium tanksMore details about how to fulfill these quests will be given during the livestream.


The Teams: 

Click on the logos to learn more about the challengers: 


The Matches: 

The first match will see DiNG, the winner of the regular Season, face Oops, who qualified through the playoffs. The second match will see Utopia, second in the regular Season, clash against Kazna, winners of the online playoffs.

      • DiNG versus Oops, 15:30 CEST.
      • Utopia versus Kazna Kru, 17:30 CEST
      • Finals: 19:30 CEST.

Both semi-finals and the finals will be played in the best of 13 format. The first team to secure 7 victories will win the match. 

If you haven't followed the season so far: 

Undefeated and uncontested, team DiNG sat strong on the standings for the entire season and will look like the favourites for the title. Their play is consistent and looks solid enough to make it through, but no doubt the other teams will have analysed it long and hard. Alongside them, the Polish team Utopia have also secured their spot after a remarkable season where they took 2nd place. For the first time, they will have a real shot at becoming champions of Europe.

The third contenders need no introduction, as they are none other than Kazna Kru. Multiple times finalists and champions, they are also the only team in the final four to have a solid Grand Finals background. Will this be enough to claim another European title?

Last but not least is Oops. Will the second season in the Gold Series be the one for the tough Giraffes? They had almost managed to reach the Finals in their first season at the highest level, but had fallen short in the online playoffs. This time, they didn't let the opportunity pass, and will therefore experience the thrills of an offline event for the first time. Though they look like the underdogs here, they may well be the surprise of the finals.  





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