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WGLEU Season 1 2016-2017 Open Qualifier

After an unusually long break since the breathtaking 2016 Grand Finals, that were held in April, we are delighted to announce that a new season of the Wargaming.net League will start on 4 August, 2016. The main format of the competition will remain unchanged (7/68). In Europe, 12 teams will compete for the top spot and the chance to challenge the teams from the rest of the world in the next international eSports tournaments: the Rumble and the 2017 Grand Finals. 

For your viewing pleasure, there will now be live matches four days a week, instead of two. Every Thursday and Friday, you will be able to enjoy a couple of matches per evening, and every weekend, on Saturday and Sunday, four matches will be played.


Now on to the order of the day: the Gold Series has one open slot

This means your team has a chance to take part in the Gold Series of the WGLEU Season 1, 2016-2017. The registration for the Open Qualifier is now open and ends on 23 July. The tournament will start on the same day and end on 24 July. The teams will be playing in a single elimination bracket. If you qualify, your team will be required to retain at least 50% of the players who won the qualifiers, in order to be one of the 12 Gold Series teams during the season. 




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