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The Weekend Fun Cup 2 Registration

If you played in the last Weekend Fun Cup, you certainly know the thrill and excitement that comes with competing alongside your mates in World of Tanks. If you haven’t, or if none of this makes any sense to you, then welcome!

This time, we bring you a whole Sunday afternoon of joyful devastation... more than enough to keep the work week at bay a little while longer!



Everything you need to know is right here:

The tournament we be livestreamed!

  • Registration is open from 9 December to 13 December at 11:00 CET.
  • The tournament starts at 14:00 CET on 13 December.
  • Battle format: 5 v 5, encounter.
  • Battle Time: 10 minutes.
  • Teams: 5 + 3.
  • Tier V (min 15 tier points, max 25 tier points).
  • First rounds Best of 1, other rounds Best of 3.
  • Map pool: Himmelsdorf (1st), Mines, Ruinberg
  • Rewards: eternal fame (and the gold in the Prize table below!)


Gold is awarded at the end of the tournament.

  • The following prizes will be provided to each member of the respective team, including reserves.





3th - 4th


5th - 8th


9th - 16th


17th - 32nd


33rd - 64th


Rules Check List

For disputed results, or to report unsporting behaviour/instances of cheating, please use the Rule Enforcement thread.

Some basic tips if you're new to eSports tournaments:

  • Information for creating your own team.
  • Information for joining an existing team.
  • Once you’ve assembled a team, remember to click the Apply for Tournament button in the team managing page.
  • The invites will be sent out by the automatic system shortly before the match. Make sure you understand how the automated system works before receiving the invite.
  • Once you receive an in-game invite, please remember to move your team to the “active” area or you may face technical defeat!
  • In the event of a team-member violating any of the tournament regulations, the whole team may be disqualified.


Don’t wait too long, the registration period is rather short!