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The Fearsome Trio: watch live at 18:30 CET


The Wargaming Community and eSports team are bringing you an extraordinary tournament that will test your individual skill and mettle to the utmost.

Team up with two friends and ascend through the group stage in one of 10 distinct groups on 3 December! If you can manage to dominate your group, your team will receive an invitation to the showdown on 10 December, where you will face three of the most dangerous tankers out there.


The Fearsome Trio




Prove yourselves in front of thousands of viewers and take home a pile of gold and a brand-new AMX CDC!




We will be giving away fantastic prizes on stream after every game, depending on whether The Fearsome Trio wins or loses, so be sure to tune in to the stream on 10 December from 19:00 CET and cheer them on!


The Fearsome Trio wins!

The Fearsome Trio loses!

Round 1

5 x Matilda BP

3 x Matilda BP

Round 2

5 x Dicker Max

3 x Dicker Max

Round 3

5 x 30 days Premium time

3 x 30 days Premium time

Round 4

100 x 1 day Premium time

50 x 1 day Premium time

Round 5

250 x 2 x 100% Crew XP (2 hrs)

125 x 2 x 100% Crew XP (2 hrs)

Round 6

100 x Garage slot

50 x Garage slot

Round 7

250 x 2 x 100% Crew XP (2 hrs)

125 x 2 x 100% Crew XP (2 hrs)

Round 8

100 x 3 days Premium time

50 x 3 days Premium time

Round 9

3 x Rhm. Skorpion G

1 x Rhm. Skorpion G

Round 10

3 x Type 59

1 x Type 59

And if this wasn’t enough, in addition we will be giving away even more prizes on stream for reaching viewer number milestones - so tell all your friends to come watch as well!

The Format

Tier VI, 3vs3, Encounter

Group stage (03/12/2016, 17:00 CET)

  • Round robin, Best of 1
  • 6 teams/group
  • Best 2 teams move to the playoffs

Play-offs (03/12/2016, following group stage)

  • 10 groups
  • Single elimination, Best of 1 and Best of 3
  • Best team moves to the showdown

Showdown (10/12/2016, 19:00 CET)

  • 10 groups
  • One game played vs. The Fearsome Threesome

Not everyone can beat the odds, but your team’s efforts towards the ultimate goal will be rewarded richly!

The Rewards

Rewards for the group stage:

  • 1st 200
  • 2nd 100
  • 3rd 75

Rewards for the play-offs:

  • 1st 5,000
  • 2nd 2,500
  • 3rd - 4th 1,500
  • 5th - 8th 750
  • 9th - 16th 250

Rewards for the showdown:

    • Win: AMX CDC
    • Loss: 30 days premium time


Captains and players need to follow this thread to stay up to date with the official information and potential changes in the tournament!

Participants can post all their questions in this topic.

Looking for a team or want to complete your roster? You can do it in this thread!


Roll out!